Recently Published Law Books

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by Marci A. Hamilton and Martin Gardner, Anne Proffitt Dupre
Carolina Academic Press
ISBN: 978-1-61163-925-4
Published: July, 2017

Professor Marci Hamilton joins Professor Martin Gardner in this new edition of Children and the Law, which has been comprehensively updated. Hamilton is one of the leading legal academics in the United States on issues involving child sex abuse in many contexts. She brings her expertise to this new edition with cutting-edge materials on the epidemic of child sex abuse in institutions and the family and the legal developments that have followed.

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by Paul Frymer
Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9781400885350
Published: May, 2017

Westward expansion of the United States is most conventionally remembered for rugged individualism, geographic isolationism, and a fair amount of luck. Yet the establishment of the forty-eight contiguous states was hardly a foregone conclusion, and the federal government played a critical role in its success. This book examines the politics of American expansion, showing how the government's regulation of population movements on the frontier, both settlement and removal, advanced national aspirations for empire and promoted the formation of a white settler nation.

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by Anna Kirkland
NYU Press
ISBN: 1479876933
Published: December, 2016

The so-called vaccine court is a small special court in the United States Court of Federal Claims that handles controversial claims that a vaccine has harmed someone. While vaccines in general are extremely safe and effective, some people still suffer severe vaccine reactions and bring their claims to vaccine court. In this court, lawyers, activists, judges, doctors, and scientists come together, sometimes arguing bitterly, trying to figure out whether a vaccine really caused a person’s medical problem. 

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by Daniel LaChance
The University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226066691
Published: November, 2016

In the mid-1990s, as public trust in big government was near an all-time low, 80% of Americans told Gallup that they supported the death penalty. Why did people who didn’t trust government to regulate the economy or provide daily services nonetheless believe that it should have the power to put its citizens to death?


by David Rudenstine
Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199381487
Published: August, 2016

In October 1948-one year after the creation of the U.S. Air Force as a separate military branch-a B-29 Superfortress crashed on a test run, killing the plane's crew. The plane was constructed with poor materials, and the families of the dead sued the U.S. government for damages. In the case, the government claimed that releasing information relating to the crash would reveal important state secrets, and refused to hand over the requested documents. Judges at both the U.S. District Court level and Circuit level rejected the government's argument and ruled in favor of the families.

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by Turkuler Isiksel
Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198759072
Published: June, 2016

Constitutionalism has become a byword for legitimate government, but is it fated to lose its relevance as constitutional states relinquish power to international institutions? This book evaluates the extent to which constitutionalism, as an empirical idea and normative ideal, can be adapted to institutions beyond the state by surveying the sophisticated legal and political system of the European Union.

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by Susanna L. Blumenthal
Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674048935
Published: February, 2016

In postrevolutionary America, the autonomous individual was both the linchpin of a young nation and a threat to the founders’ vision of ordered liberty. Conceiving of self-government as a psychological as well as a political project, jurists built a republic of laws upon the Enlightenment science of the mind with the aim of producing a responsible citizenry. Susanna Blumenthal probes the assumptions and consequences of this undertaking, revealing how ideas about consciousness, agency, and accountability have shaped American jurisprudence.

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by Stephen J. Macedo
Princeton University Press
ISBN: 069116648X
Published: November, 2015

The institution of marriage stands at a critical juncture. As gay marriage equality gains acceptance in law and public opinion, questions abound regarding marriage's future. Will same-sex marriage lead to more radical marriage reform? Should it? Antonin Scalia and many others on the right warn of a slippery slope from same-sex marriage toward polygamy, adult incest, and the dissolution of marriage as we know it.

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by Marci A. Hamilton
Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 110745655X
Published: September, 2014

Clergy sex abuse, polygamy, children dying from faith healing, companies that refuse to do business with same-sex couples, and residential neighborhoods forced to host homeless shelters - what do all of these have in common? They are all examples of religious believers harming others and demanding religious liberty regardless of the harm. This book unmasks those responsible, explains how this new set of rights is not derived from the First Amendment, and argues for a return to common-sense religious liberty. In straightforward, readable prose, God vs.

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by Tanya K. Hernandez
Cambridge University Press
ISBN:  978-1107024861
Published: October, 2012

Some scholars of racism have posited that mixed race persons experience a distinct form of discrimination that current anti-discrimination laws do not adequately address. Hernandez's extensive research into multiracial discrimination cases argues that this is anything but true.