Beyond Elections

The Democratic Legitimacy of New Forms of Representation

Fri, 12/05/2008 to Sat, 12/06/2008
12/5 (1:30-5:45 PM); 12/6 (9AM-1PM), Kerstetter Room, Marx Hall
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Co-sponsored Event
By Invitation Only
Faculty, Fellows, Graduate Students
Undergraduate Students

UCHV and LAPA are co-sponsoring a two-day workshop called, "Beyond Elections: The Democratic Legitimacy of New Forms of Representation." It is organized by Stephen Macedo, Princeton University; Nadia Urbanati, Columbia University; and, Mark E. Warren, University of British Columbia. Papers will be summarized and discussed, not presented in full; those attending should download and read the papers in advance.

Further details including panel topics, times, papers, and participants are available at the the Representation workshop page on the UCHV website.

Questions addressed at the workshop will include:



  • Do developed constitutional democracies need new forms of representation to advance the ideals of democracy?
  • Can representation be “democratic” in the absence of elections?
  • What impact do new forms of representation have on inclusion, equality, voice, deliberation, and other democratic values?
  • Are there non-electoral forms of authorization and accountability that serve democratic functions?
  • How do non-electoral forms of representation work, and what are their potentials and dangers?