In the Public Square

LAPA Fellow Bernadette Meyler presents at Temple Faculty Colloquium

LAPA Fellow Professor Bernadette Meyler presented at the Faculty Colloquium at Temple University's Beasley School of Law School on Monday, November 2.  Professor Meyler's current research addresses borders between written and unwritten law, the link between common and constitutional law, religious rights, and the possibility of common-law originalism.  At LAPA, Professor Meyler holds the Mellon/LAPA Fellowship in Law and Humanities.

In the spring, Meyler will co-teaching a course with Mellon Professor Peter Brooks on  church state scripture.  The course will examine the relation of the reading and interpretation of scripture to laws, whether derived from texts held to be sacred or designed to regulate their effects, and to Law as an idea and an ethos in which we live.  Students will explore the interpretation of fundamental texts from three major religious traditions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – and legal texts that derive from them or comment on them, as well as laws conceived to police, regulate, or accommodate religion, and examine the ways in which literature dramatizes the role of law, and of Law, in its discovery of the limits to human action.