LAPA Grad Associates Win Jacobus Fellowships

Kellam Conover and Tom Clark

The Jacobus Fellowship, which supports the final year of graduate study, is awarded to students whose work has displayed the highest scholarly excellence. Two of the four students who won the award are LAPA Graduate Associates: Kellam Conover and Tom Clark. The Fellowship is the highest honor the university awards to students. Congratulations Kellam and Tom!

Kellam Conover is a PhD candidate in classics. He earned his bachelor's degree in Greek and Latin from Swarthmore College. His dissertation, titled "Bribery in Classical Athens," examines the pervasive, yet often neglected, phenomenon of bribery in Athenian ideology and law of the classical period. He demonstrates that taking a bribe was regarded not as an act of greed but as the severing of a kind of friendship between a citizen and his community. For more on Kellam, see his LAPA profile.

Tom Clark is a doctoral student in politics. He earned his bachelor's degree in political science from Rutgers University. His interests include the interaction between the elected and unelected branches of government and the ways in which the American Constitution balances competing notions of power and democracy. His dissertation examines the power struggle between Congress and the Supreme Court and how the popularly-elected legislature can limit the power of an appointed judiciary. For more on Tom, see his LAPA profile.

This news item has been adapted from the Princeton Weekly Bulletin press release devoted to the Jacobus fellowship award winners. For more information about the other 2008 winners, previous winners, and the fellowship itself, please read the press release.