LAPA Launches New Website

Point Five Design Gives LAPA a New Look

News items for launch:On February 26, 2007, LAPA launched its new website. In the making for many months, the new website brings together the extraordinary community of faculty, fellows, visitors, graduate students and undergraduates who study law at Princeton and it reveals the depth and breadth of research and teaching on legal subjects at the university. With the new website, Princeton’s invisible law school takes on a virtual presence.The website was designed by Point Five Design. Based in New York, Point Five specializes in editorial, identity, print and web design with an educational, cultural or political focus. Principal Alissa Levin and designer Karin Wood created LAPA's new logo as well as the look and feel of the new website. Inspired by LAPA's unique mission, Point Five's accessible design reflects the democratic spirit of the law.

Point Five's technical partner for web development and marketing, Michael Murphy constructed the new site with team members Robert Yagley, Allison Corbett and Sara Nephew Hassani. Together Point Five and Michael Murphy have created websites for Democracy: A Journal of Ideas, The Drum Major Institute for Public Policy, ColorLines, and The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, among others.