Press Release

LAPA Undergraduate Forum Selects New Executive Committee

Bringing law-related opportunities to Princeton undergraduates

The Program in Law and Public Affairs (LAPA) is pleased to announce a new Executive Committee for the LAPA Undergraduate Forum, currently comprised of roughly 70 Undergraduate Associates with broad interests in constitutional law, international law, comparative law and corporate law, among other topics. The LAPA Student Forum organizes opportunities for these law-engaged undergraduates to interact with leaders in the fields of law and public affairs and develop and participate in a wide range of law-related activities.

While the Forum will continue to be led by co-chairs Philip Levitz '08 and Pauline Yeung '08, LAPA is excited to expand its undergraduate leadership in the coming semester, with new executive committee members dedicated to events, a global law colloquium, publications, publicity, and trips.

2008 Executive Committee

Philip Levitz '08
Pauline Yeung '08

Elizabeth Ingriselli '11

Global Law Colloquium
Alec Williams '09

Will Beutenmuller '10
Hyeon-Ju Ryoo '11

Jeff Hall '08
Kelly Lack '10

Lindsey Leake '10

In addition, the regional chairs for the global law colloquium include:

Africa: Temi Adeniji '09
Asia: Carlos Hanco '09
Europe: Matthias Esmann '11
Islamic Law: Grace Cineas '10
Latin America: Bridget Bartlett '10