Events Archive

Date Title
October 8, 2018 LAPA Seminar Race, Racism, and the Voting Rights Act Guy-Uriel Charles, Duke Law School
September 24, 2018 LAPA Seminar Training the Citizen-Enforcers of Disability Rights, 1978-1982 Karen Tani, University of California Berkeley School of Law
April 30, 2018 LAPA Seminar Law, Science, and Social Movements: How Feminists Altered the AIDS Response Aziza Ahmed, LAPA Fellow; Northeastern University School of Law
April 9, 2018 LAPA Seminar Penal Managerialism and the Rise of Recidivism Risk At Sentencing Jessica Eaglin, LAPA Fellow; Indiana University Maurer School of Law
March 26, 2018 LAPA Seminar A Social Psychological Interpretation of the Hermeneutic of Suspicion in Contemporary American Legal Thought Duncan Kennedy, Harvard Law School
March 12, 2018 LAPA Seminar The Politics of Resentment and the Constitutional Capture: Learning from Constitutional Debacles and Thinking Counter-Strategies and Narratives Tomasz Koncewicz, LAPA Fellow; University of Gdańsk
February 26, 2018 LAPA Seminar The Role of Judiciary in Reforming Islamic Law in Non-Muslim Democracies: A Comparison of Israel and Greece Yüksel Sezgin, LAPA Fellow; Syracuse University
February 12, 2018 LAPA Seminar Rights Refracted: Disability Rights Diffusion and Anti-Discrimination Legislation in South Korea and Japan Celeste Arrington, LAPA Fellow; George Washington University
December 11, 2017 LAPA Seminar The Taming Of American ‘State Medicine’: Freedom of Therapeutic Choice In The Progressive Era Lewis Grossman, LAPA Fellow; American University Washington College Of Law
November 27, 2017 LAPA Seminar A Jurisprudence of Spectacular War Jothie Rajah, American Bar Foundation
November 6, 2017 LAPA Seminar Challenging Boardroom Homogeneity: Corporate Law, Governance, and Diversity Aaron Dhir, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University
October 16, 2017 LAPA Seminar Penal Power in America: The Social Roots of Mass Incarceration David Garland, New York University School of Law
October 2, 2017 LAPA Seminar The Circumstances Of Democratic Endurance Tom Ginsburg and Aziz Huq, University Of Chicago Law School
May 1, 2017 LAPA Seminar A Theory of First Amendment Academic Freedom David Rabban, LAPA Fellow; University of Texas School of Law
April 17, 2017 LAPA Seminar What Would Mama Do? Anti-violence Organizing Among Black Mothers of Murdered Children Melynda Price, LAPA Fellow; University of Kentucky College of Law
March 27, 2017 LAPA Seminar Mobilizing Without Citizenship: How Undocumented Organizers Foster Political Authorization Kathryn Abrams, LAPA Fellow; UC Berkeley School of Law
March 13, 2017 LAPA Seminar Comparing Law, Race, Slavery and Freedom in the Americas: Freedom Suits in Cuba, Louisiana, and Virginia, 1763-1803 Ariela Gross and Alejandro de la Fuente
February 27, 2017 LAPA Seminar The 'Publicization' of Private Space Sarah Schindler, LAPA Fellow; University of Maine School of Law
February 13, 2017 LAPA Seminar Was Justice Scalia Right about the Slippery Slope to "the End of All Morals Legislation?" After Same-Sex Marriage, Is Polygamy Next? James E. Fleming, LAPA Fellow; Boston University School of Law
December 5, 2016 LAPA Seminar Morality, Ontology, and Corporate Rights Micah J. Schwartzman, University of Virginia School of Law
November 28, 2016 LAPA Seminar Distraction Framed Law and Mental Disabilities in Early New England
November 7, 2016 LAPA Seminar Outcasts from the Vote Woman Suffrage and Mental Disability
October 10, 2016 LAPA Seminar Doubt Again, Doubt Better: Radically Enfranchised Jurors and Reasonable Doubt Sonali Chakravarti, Wesleyan University
September 26, 2016 LAPA Seminar The Systems Fallacy The Perils of Systems Analysis, Past and Present (From Operations Research to Contemporary Cost-Benefit Analysis)
April 18, 2016 LAPA Seminar Dimitry Kochenov, LAPA Fellow; University of Groningen Reinvention of Citizenship in the European Union
April 4, 2016 LAPA Seminar Mark Fathi Massoud, LAPA Fellow; University of California Santa Cruz Islamic Law, Politics, and Human Rights Discourse: The Case of Somalia
March 21, 2016 LAPA Seminar Zaid Al Ali, LAPA Fellow; International IDEA The Failure of Arab Constitutional Tradition: On the Absence of Social Solidarity and its Consequences
March 7, 2016 LAPA Seminar Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture Where Did All the White Criminals Go? Reconfiguring Race and Crime on the Road to Mass Incarceration
February 22, 2016 LAPA Seminar H. Timothy Lovelace, LAPA Fellow; Indiana University Maurer School of Law, King Making: 'Brown v. Board of Education' and the Rise of a Racial Savior
February 8, 2016 LAPA Seminar Daniel R. Ernst, LAPA Fellow; Georgetown University Law Center We Cannot Live Our Dreams: Lawyers and Professional Authority in the National Recovery Administration
December 7, 2015 LAPA Seminar Katie Eyer, Rutgers School of Law Protected Class Rational Basis Review: A (Re)New(ed) Approach to Race and Gender Justice Under the Constitution
November 16, 2015 LAPA Seminar Aziz F. Rana, Cornell Law School The Rise of the Constitution
October 26, 2015 LAPA Seminar Sherally Munshi, LAPA/Perkins Fellow Immigration, Imperialism, and the Legacies of Indian Exclusion
October 12, 2015 LAPA Seminar Catherine Fisk, University of California, Irvine School of Law Authors at Work: Writing for Hire in Twentieth Century Film, Television, and Advertising
September 29, 2015 LAPA Seminar Elizabeth S. Anker, Cornell Law School Our Constitutional Metaphors: The Architecture of Post-Apartheid South African Constitutionalism
April 27, 2015 LAPA Seminar Jonathan Hafetz, LAPA Fellow; Seton Hall Law School A Problem of Standards?: Another Perspective on Secret Law
April 13, 2015 LAPA Seminar Michelle A. McKinley, LAPA Fellow; University of Oregon Law School To Have and to Hold [Onto]: Domestic Slaveholding, Race, and Intimacy in Colonial Lima
March 30, 2015 LAPA Seminar David S. Law, LAPA Fellow; Washington University in St. Louis The Structure of Global Constitutionalism
March 9, 2015 LAPA Seminar James Q. Whitman, LAPA Fellow; Yale Law School Presumption of Innocence or Presumption of Mercy?: Weighing Two Western Modes of Justice
February 23, 2015 LAPA Seminar Linda Colley, Department of History A Changing Magna Carta: Past, Present and Future
February 9, 2015 LAPA Seminar Richard Ashby Wilson, University of Connecticut; IAS/Social Sciences Proving Legal Causation in International Speech Crimes
December 8, 2014 LAPA Seminar Ayelet Shachar, University of Toronto School of Law The New Gates of Admission: On Citizenship, States, and Markets
November 17, 2014 LAPA Seminar Turkuler Isiksel, LAPA Fellow; Columbia University The Rights of Man and the Rights of the Man-made: Corporations and Human Rights
November 3, 2014 LAPA Seminar Paul Gowder, University of Iowa School of Law and IAS/Social Sciences What the Laws Demand of Socrates — and of Us
October 13, 2014 LAPA Seminar David Luban, Georgetown University Law Center Arendt on the Crime of Crimes
October 6, 2014 LAPA Seminar Christoph Moellers, Humboldt University Law Faculty Why There is No Governing With Judges
September 22, 2014 LAPA Seminar Jan-Werner Müller, Princeton University Europe’s Other Democracy Problem: Should Brussels Protect Democracy and the Rule of Law Inside EU Member States?
April 21, 2014 LAPA Seminar Daniel LaChance, LAPA/Perkins Fellow; Emory University Executing Whiteness: Popular Representations of Capital Punishment in the United States, 1915-1940
April 7, 2014 LAPA Seminar Albert Yoon, University of Toronto Faculty of Law Judicial Disharmony: A Study of Dissent
March 24, 2014 LAPA Seminar R. Daniel Kelemen, LAPA Fellow; Rutgers University Constructing the European Judiciary
March 10, 2014 LAPA Seminar Bertrall Ross, LAPA Fellow; UC Berkeley School of Law Embracing Administrative Constitutionalism
February 24, 2014 LAPA Seminar Karen J. Alter, Northwestern University The New Terrain of International Law: International Courts and Democratic Politics
February 10, 2014 LAPA Seminar Vicki Schultz, Yale Law School Reimagining Affirmative Action
December 9, 2013 LAPA Seminar Gender-Balanced International Courts? A View From Strasbourg
November 25, 2013 LAPA Seminar Georg Nolte, LAPA Fellow; Humboldt University Berlin European Exceptionalism?
November 11, 2013 LAPA Seminar Anthony Chen, Northwestern University Beyond the Open Door: The Origins of Affirmative Action at Cornell and Michigan
October 21, 2013 LAPA Seminar David Lieberman, LAPA Fellow; University of California, Berkeley
October 7, 2013 LAPA Seminar Jamal Greene, Columbia Law School (Anti)Canonizing Courts
September 23, 2013 LAPA Seminar Heather Elliott, University of Alabama School of Law How the Supreme Court Dodged Marriage Equality Questions While Making Standing Doctrine Worse
April 29, 2013 LAPA Seminar Judith Resnik, Yale Law School Bordering By Law: The Migration of Law, Crimes, Sovereignty, and the Mail
April 1, 2013 LAPA Seminar Kathryn Hendley, LAPA Fellow; University of Wisconsin-Madison
March 11, 2013 LAPA Seminar George Bermann, Columbia Law School Navigating European Union and International Arbitration Law
February 25, 2013 LAPA Seminar Jens Meierhenrich, London School of Economics and IAS Exit, Voice, and Loyalty at the International Criminal Court
February 11, 2013 LAPA Seminar Nathaniel Persily, LAPA Fellow; Columbia Law School The Health Care Case in the Public Mind: How the Supreme Court Shapes Public Opinion of Itself and the Laws it Considers
December 11, 2012 LAPA Seminar Robert A. Kagan, University of California at Berkeley American Adversarial Legalism in the 21st Century: Spreading, Fading, or Still Entrenched?
November 26, 2012 LAPA Seminar David Eng, University of Pennsylvania and IAS Reparations and the Human
November 12, 2012 LAPA Seminar Lisa L. Miller, LAPA Fellow; Rutgers University What's the Matter with 'Our Federalism?': Constitutions, Collective Action, Competition and Quiescence
October 22, 2012 LAPA Seminar Alexander Somek, LAPA Fellow; University of Iowa From Emancipation to Empowerment: The European Union and the Individual
October 8, 2012 LAPA Seminar Anthea Roberts, London School of Economics and Columbia Law School Clash of Paradigms: Actors and Analogies Shaping the Investment Treaty System
October 1, 2012 LAPA Seminar Martin Loughlin, Crane/LAPA Fellow; London School of Economics The Nature of Public Law
May 8, 2012 LAPA Seminar Ralf Poscher, Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg The Common Error in Theories of Adjudication: an Argument for a Doctrinal Approach
April 30, 2012 LAPA Seminar Tayyab Mahmud, LAPA Fellow; Seattle University School of Law Debt and Discipline
April 16, 2012 LAPA Seminar Arzoo Osanloo, LAPA Fellow; University of Washington Humanity and Forgiveness in Islamic Criminal Sanctioning in Iran
April 2, 2012 LAPA Seminar Bernadette Atuahene, LAPA Fellow; Chicago- Kent Law School Land Restitution in South Africa: Voices from Below
March 12, 2012 LAPA Seminar Eugene Kontorovich, IAS School of Social Science; Northwestern University Law
February 27, 2012 LAPA Seminar Michael McCann, LAPA/Crane Fellow; University of Washington Beyond Legal Mobilization: Rethinking Rights and Power
February 13, 2012 LAPA Seminar Michael Herz, Microsoft/LAPA Fellow; Cardozo School of Law Democracy Deficit or Democracy Surplus? Agency Rulemaking in the Electronic Age
December 12, 2011 LAPA Seminar Camille Robcis, Mellon/LAPA Fellow in Law and the Humanities; Cornell University The Law of Kinship: Anthropology, Psychoanalysis, and the Politics of the Family in France
November 28, 2011 LAPA Seminar Mitra Sharafi, University of Wisconsin Pure Parsi: Libel, Race and Group Membership in Colonial South Asia
November 14, 2011 LAPA Seminar Jeffrey Segal, CSDP Visiting Scholar; Stony Brook University Are Supreme Court Justices Merely Legislators in Robes?
October 24, 2011 LAPA Seminar Jennifer Nedelsky, University of Toronto Law School
October 17, 2011 LAPA Seminar Daniel Markovits, Yale Law School Toleration as Respect
April 11, 2011 LAPA Seminar Gordon Silverstein, LAPA Fellow; University of California, Berkeley U.S. War and Emergency Powers: The Virtues and Vice of Constitutional Ambiguity
March 28, 2011 LAPA Seminar Elizabeth Mertz, LAPA Fellow; American Bar Foundation; University of Wisconsin Law School Hearing Voices: A Study of America's Post-Tenure Law Professors
March 7, 2011 LAPA Seminar Winnifred Fallers Sullivan, University of Buffalo Law School After Secularization: Governing through Spiritual Care
February 21, 2011 LAPA Seminar Anna Kirkland, LAPA Fellow; University of Michigan Ruling That Vaccines Don't Cause Autism: Credibility Struggles at the Vaccine Injury Compensation Court
February 7, 2011 LAPA Seminar John Borrows, University of Minnesota Law School Physical Philosophy: Mobility and Indigenous Peoples
December 13, 2010 LAPA Seminar Janet McLean, LAPA Visiting Fellow; Professor of Law and Governance, University of Dundee The State the Crown and the Public in Nineteenth Century Britain
November 22, 2010 LAPA Seminar Susan Karr, Mellon/LAPA Fellow in Law and the Humanities Jus gentium, Natural Rights, and Civil Liberties: Ulrich Zasius' Critique of Arbitrary Power
November 8, 2010 LAPA Seminar Tanya K. Hernandez, LAPA Fellow; Fordham University Hate Speech and the Language of Racism in Latin America: A Lens for Reconsidering Global Hate Speech Restrictions
October 25, 2010 LAPA Seminar Steven Wilf, LAPA Fellow; University of Connecticut Imagining and Beginning: Rethinking the Origins of American Law
October 11, 2010 LAPA Seminar John Darley and Lawrence Solan Creating Harm without Doing Wrong
September 27, 2010 LAPA Seminar Maximo Langer, UCLA School of Law The Diplomacy of Universal Jurisdiction: The Regulating Role of the Political Branches in the Transnational Prosecution of International Crimes
May 3, 2010 LAPA Seminar Jim Staihar, LAPA Fellow; University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business Forgiving Criminals
April 19, 2010 LAPA Seminar Susanna Blumenthal, LAPA Fellow; University of Minnesota Law School and Department of History The Mind in Issue: Consciousness and Liability in the 19th-Century American Courtroom
April 5, 2010 LAPA Seminar R. Shep Melnick, Boston College The Great Debate over the Civil Rights State
March 22, 2010 LAPA Seminar Bernadette Meyler, LAPA Fellow; Cornell University Pardoning, Theatricality, Sovereignty
March 8, 2010 LAPA Seminar Sally J. Kenney, Newcomb Memorial College Institute; Tulane University Making the Case for Women Judges
February 22, 2010 LAPA Seminar Jeannine Bell, LAPA Fellow; Indiana University Maurer School of Law Hate Thy Neighbor: Violence and the Defense of White Neighborhoods
February 8, 2010 LAPA Seminar Kenji Yoshino, NYU School of Law The Choice of the Three Fathers: Henry IV, Falstaff, and the Lord Chief Justice in Shakespeare's Henriad
December 7, 2009 LAPA Seminar Judith Resnik, Yale Law School Detention, Habeas Corpus, Specialized Tribunals, and the War on Terror: Violence in the Constitutional Jurisprudence of the Federal Courts
November 23, 2009 LAPA Seminar Ralf Michaels, LAPA Fellow; Duke University School of Law U.S. Courts as World Courts - Practice, Theory, Legitimacy
November 9, 2009 LAPA Seminar Eli Salzberger, LAPA Fellow and University of Haifa The Law and Economics Analysis of Intellectual Property: Paradigmatic Shift From Incentives to Traditional Property
October 26, 2009 LAPA Seminar John D. Skrentny, University of California San Diego After Civil Rights: Race, Immigration and Law in the American Workplace
October 12, 2009 LAPA Seminar Marc Galanter, University of Wisconsin-Madison & the London School of Economics 'A Well-Known Profession:' The Corporate Hemisphere of the American Legal Profession through the Wrong End of the Telescope
April 27, 2009 LAPA Seminar Christina Murray, LAPA Fellow & University of Cape Town Constitution-Making in Kenya: Politicians, Elites, Experts and the People
April 13, 2009 LAPA Seminar Liisa Malkki, Department of Anthropology, Stanford University Baby Animals and Welfare Pigeons: On the Uses of the Nonhuman in the Cultivation of Humanitarian Sentiment
April 6, 2009 LAPA Seminar Noah Zatz, LAPA Fellow & UCLA Law School Accounting for Care in the Age of Work
March 30, 2009 LAPA Seminar Ingolf Pernice, LAPA Fellow and Humboldt University, Berlin Possible Meaning and Implications of Global Constitutionalism
March 2, 2009 LAPA Seminar * POSTPONED: NEW DATE TBA * Noah Zatz, LAPA Fellow & UCLA Law School Accounting for Care in the Age of Work
February 16, 2009 LAPA Seminar Susan Bibler Coutin, University of California at Irvine Re/Membering the Nation
February 2, 2009 LAPA Seminar Christopher Beauchamp, LAPA Fellow Technology's Trials: Patent Litigation during the Second Industrial Revolution
December 1, 2008 LAPA Seminar Mark Brandon, LAPA Fellow & Vanderbilt University Constitutionalism and the Education of American-Indian Children: A Critique of Civic Education
November 17, 2008 LAPA Seminar Risa Goluboff, Virginia Law People out of Place: The Sixties, the Supreme Court, and Vagrancy Law
November 3, 2008 LAPA Seminar Sujit Choudhry, University of Toronto Law School and NYU Law School Rethinking Comparative Constitutional Law
October 20, 2008 LAPA Seminar Eric Weitz, University of Minnesota From the Vienna to the Paris System
October 6, 2008 LAPA Seminar Malcolm Feeley, LAPA Fellow and UC Berkeley (Boalt Hall) Where Have All the Women Gone? The Decline of Women in the Criminal Justice Process
May 12, 2008 LAPA Seminar Robert B. Ahdieh '94, Emory University School of Law; LAPA Fellow International Law, Foreign Affairs, and the Federal State: Lessons from Coordination
April 14, 2008 LAPA Seminar Carol Heimer, Northwestern University; American Bar Foundation; LAPA Fellow Expertise and Flexibility in Medicine and Law (What Happens when HIV Guidelines are Hardened by Law)
March 31, 2008 LAPA Seminar Marci Hamilton, LAPA Fellow; Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University Challenging the Vatican in Court: The Child Sex-Abuse Cases
March 3, 2008 LAPA Seminar Suzanne Last Stone '74, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University Pictures of God, Pictures of Law
February 18, 2008 LAPA Seminar Aidan O'Neill, Queen's Counsel, Edinburgh and London; LAPA Fellow Politics, Power and the Papacy: Challenges for Catholics in a Democratic Age
February 4, 2008 LAPA Seminar John Gardner, University of Oxford H.L.A. Hart's Punishment and Responsibility: Introduction to the Second Edition
December 10, 2007 LAPA Seminar Peter Lindseth, LAPA Fellow and University of Connecticut School of Law National Democracy / Supranational Delegation
November 26, 2007 LAPA Seminar Patrick Macklem, University of Toronto Law School and IAS What is International Human Rights Law? Three Applications of a Distributive Account
November 12, 2007 LAPA Seminar Jeff Dunoff, LAPA Fellow and Temple Law School Constitutional Conceits: The WTO Constitution and the Discipline of International Law.
October 15, 2007 LAPA Seminar Brian Tamanaha, St. John's Law School and Institute for Advanced Study The Realism of the 'Formalist' Age
May 14, 2007 LAPA Seminar Mary Anne Case, University of Chicago Law School & LAPA Fellow On Feminist Fundamentalism
May 7, 2007 LAPA Seminar Laura Dickinson, University of Connecticut Law & LAPA Fellow Outsourcing War and Peace
April 12, 2007 LAPA Seminar Christopher L. Eisgruber, Princeton University Provost & Former LAPA Director Umpires, Idealogues and Justices: How to Evaluate Supreme Court Nominees
April 9, 2007 LAPA Seminar Paul Schiff Berman, University of Connecticut School of Law & LAPA Fellow Global Legal Pluralism
March 26, 2007 LAPA Seminar Jamie Mayerfeld, University of Washington & UCHV Fellow Should We Reject International Human Rights Law on the Grounds That It Is Undemocratic?
March 12, 2007 LAPA Seminar Deborah Pearlstein, LAPA Visiting Scholar U.S. Executive Power and the Constitutional Challenges of Counterterrorism
February 26, 2007 LAPA Seminar Jennifer Nedelsky, University of Toronto Faculty of Law Reconceiving Rights: A Relational Approach
February 12, 2007 LAPA Seminar Chibli Mallat, EU Jean Monnet Chair of European Law; Director, European Union Center, St. Joseph's University Middle Eastern Law: A World-Legal Family?
January 24, 2007 LAPA Seminar Wibren van der Burg, Tilburg University and UCHV Visitor, Princeton Essentially Ambiguous Concepts and the Fuller-Hart-Dworkin Debate