Co-sponsored Event

Cheney Rules: What the Obama White House Can Learn from the 'Angler'

Barton Gellman '82

March 4, 2009, 5:00 PM, Dodds Auditorium, Woodrow Wilson School

Barton Gellman '82 is a special projects reporter at the Washington Post, following tours that covered diplomacy, the Middle East, the Pentagon, and the D.C. superior court. His Cheney series, with partner Jo Becker, won a 2008 Pulitzer Prize, a George Polk Award, and the Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting. His 2008 book Angler: The Cheney Vice-Presidency is an expansion of his Cheney articles. In Angler, Gellman examines the full scope of Cheney's work and its consequences, including his hidden role in the Bush administration's most fateful choices in war: shifting focus from al Qaeda to Iraq, unleashing the National Security Agency to spy at home, and promoting "cruel and inhuman" methods of interrogation.  Although his hand was often unseen by colleagues, Gellman details how Cheney played a paramount role in decisions that ranged from war and peace to the economy, the environment, and the meaning of the law.

Gellman also shared a 2002 Pulitzer for national reporting on "comprehensive coverage of America's war on terrorism, which regularly brought forth new information together with skilled analysis of unfolding developments." His work has been honored by the Overseas Press Club, the Society of Professional Journalists, and the American Society of Newspaper Editors. He is the author of Contending with Kennan: Toward a Philosophy of American Power. Gellman received his BA summa cum laude graduate from the Woodrow Wilson School and earned a master's degree in politics at University College, Oxford, as a Rhodes Scholar.  This spring, he has returned to Princeton for a second teaching visit as the Ferris Professor of Journalism.