LAPA Seminar

Proving Legal Causation in International Speech Crimes

February 9, 2015 301 Marx Hall

The commentator is Gideon A. Rosen, Stuart Professor of Philosophy. 

Co-Sponsored Event

Yuval Sinai and Benny Shmueli, Yale Law School

February 11, 2015 203 Scheide Caldwell House



March 6, 2015 Princeton University

We invite all interested comparative law scholars to consider submitting a paper to the next annual Comparative Law Work-in-Progress Workshop.

LAPA Seminar

Presumption of Innocence or Presumption of Mercy?

March 9, 2015 301 Marx Hall


LAPA Seminar

The Structure of Global Constitutionalism

March 30, 2015 301 Marx Hall


LAPA Seminar

To Have and to Hold (Onto): Slaveholding former slaves in Seventeenth Century Lima

April 13, 2015


LAPA Seminar

A Problem of Standards?: Another Perspective on Secret Law

April 27, 2015 301 Marx Hall