LAPA Fellows

Each year, LAPA brings a group of residential fellows to the campus to join the lively community of law-engaged faculty and students at Princeton. LAPA fellows work on a major research project while they are in residence and participate actively in LAPA seminars and activities. Most LAPA fellows also teach.

Fellows apply to the program through a regular competition run each fall for fellowships to start the following academic year.

Fellows from various years can be selected from the list below:

2014-2015 LAPA Fellows

From left:  Michelle McKinley, Jonathan Hafetz, David Law, Turkuler Isiksel, James Whitman

Jonathan Hafetz, Visiting Associate Research Scholar
Turkuler Isiksel, Visiting Associate Research Scholar; LAPA/Perkins Fellow
David S. Law, Visiting Research Scholar
Michelle A. McKinley, Visiting Research Scholar
James Q. Whitman, Visiting Research Scholar