Graduate Associates
Graduate Associates in the LAPA program are Princeton graduate students working on law-related topics within their specific programs on campus. LAPA brings them together through LEGS (Law-Engaged Graduate Student) seminars and other events, so that graduate students will find their graduate education enhanced by interdisciplinary contact. Graduate Associates are typically engaged in research or course work related to law while at Princeton. Many already have law degrees or other advanced legal training.

Students on the Job Market

Matthew A. Axtell, PhD Program in History
Yael Berda, Sociology, PhD candidate
Tom Dannenbaum, Politics, PhD candidate
John Palmer, Woodrow Wilson School, PhD Candidate
Alexander I. Ruder, Politics, Ph.D. Candidate

PhD Students

Adam L. Alter, Psychology
Matthew A. Axtell, History
Elizabeth Baisley , Politics, 1st Year
Paul Baumgardner, Politics
Yael Berda, Sociology
Sarah Brayne , Sociology and Social Policy
Felipe Cala, Spanish and Portuguese
Kameron Collins, English
Peter Conti-Brown, History
Tom Dannenbaum, Politics
Rohit De, History
Catherine L. Evans, History
David M. Glick, Politics
Gwendolyn Gordon, Anthropology
Cody Gray, Politics
Jessica F. Green, Woodrow Wilson School
Jeffrey S. Hardy, History
Sara Nephew Hassani, Sociology
Rob Hunter, Politics
Sarah Kaiksow, Sociology
Chris A. Kendall, Politics
Yu-Chi Lyra Kuo, Politics
Karen E. Levy, Sociology
Jessica K. Lowe, History
Sarah E. Milov, History
Pam Mueller, Psychology
John Palmer, Woodrow Wilson School
Tommaso Pavone, Politics
Alexander I. Ruder, Politics
Michael Schlossman, Sociology
Geoffrey T. Sigalet, Politics
Avani Mehta Sood, Psychology
Nurfadzilah Yahaya, History

MPP Students

Amber Willene Greene, Woodrow Wilson School
Ronald Joseph Shonkwiler, Woodrow Wilson School

MPA Students

Mark Adam Marge, Woodrow Wilson School
Gregory Ellis Rosalsky, Woodrow Wilson School
Emerson J. Sykes, Woodrow Wilson School
Rachel A. Weise, Woodrow Wilson School