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LAPA has accumulated a detailed history in the time since its 1999 founding. The links below point to documents which list the conferences and public lectures that LAPA has sponsored or co-sponsored, courses that LAPA-affiliated faculty have taught on law-related topics, information about previous fellows including publications that are attributable to their year at LAPA, LAPA seminars, LEGS Seminars, and Student Forum events.

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Annual Reports

2012-2013 Annual Report

Entire Report (PDF)

2011-2012 Annual Report

Entire Report (PDF)

2010-2011 Annual Report

Entire Report (PDF)

2009-2010 Annual Report

Entire Report (PDF)

2008-2009 Annual Report

Entire Report (PDF)

2007-2008 Annual Report

Entire Report (PDF)

Historical Record

Excerpts (PDF)

"An Unexpected Story: The History and Origins of Princeton's Long-standing Tradition of Interdisciplinary Legal Scholarship"
by David Hollander, Law & Legal Studies Librarian, Princeton University Library




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