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Altneuland: The Constitution of Europe in an American Perspective

The LAPA conference on the new European Constitution, “Altneuland: The Constitution of Europe in an American Perspective” was held on April 29-30, 2004, the first day at NYU Law School and the second day at Princeton. The papers addressed the draft European constitution before it started the ratification process and considered the future of constitutionalism in Europe as that process was about to begin. They were published in a special issue of the journal I-Con, the International Journal of Constitutional Law, a faculty-edited journal based at the NYU Law School. We have included a table of contents here, but to get links to the abstracts and papers themselves, go to the June 2005 issue of I-Con, Volume 3, Number 2-3 . When you click on that link, you will find the contents behind a paywall. If you are entering through a Princeton campus computer or through a Princeton-based VPN connection from off-campus, you will be able to access all articles because Princeton subscribes to the journal. If you are outside the Princeton environment, contact your local university library about whether your institution has access to the journal.

I-Con, Volume 3, Number 2-3

J.H.H. Weiler
On the power of the Word: Europe's constitutional iconography

Keynote essay
Dieter Grimm
Integration by constitution

Part I . Europe's constitutional moment

Neil Walker
Europe's constitutional momentum and the search for polity legitimacy

Philip Pettit
Comment on Walker: Europe's constitutional momentum

András Sajó
Constitution without the constitutional moment: A view from the new member states

Mark Tushnet
Misleading metaphors in comparative constitutionalism: Moments and enthusiasm

Ran Hirschl
Preserving hegemony? Assessing the political origins of the EU Constitution

Part II . A constitutional identity for Europe?

Armin von Bogdandy
The European constitution and European identity: Text and subtext of the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe

Michel Rosenfeld
The European treaty—constitution and constitutional identity: A view from America

Miguel Poiares Maduro
The importance of being called a constitution: Constitutional authority and the authority of constitutionalism

Gianluigi Palombella
Whose Europe? After the constitution: A goal-based citizenship

Otto Pfersmann
The new revision of the old constitution

Part III . Institutions, powers, decision making, and accountability

Paul Craig
European governance: Executive and administrative powers under the new constitutional settlement

George A. Bermann
Executive power in the new European constitution

Damian Chalmers
Judicial authority and the constitutional treaty

Mattias Kumm and Victor Ferreres Comella
The primacy clause of the constitutional treaty and the future of constitutional conflict in the European Union

Franz C. Mayer
Competences—reloaded? The vertical division of powers in the EU and the new European constitution


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