LAPA's History

LAPA has accumulated a detailed history in the time since its 1999 founding. The links below point to documents which list the conferences and public lectures that LAPA has sponsored or co-sponsored, courses that LAPA-affiliated faculty have taught on law-related topics, information about previous fellows including publications that are attributable to their year at LAPA, LAPA seminars, LEGS Seminars, and Student Forum events.

LAPA is very grateful for the generous support of alumni and friends who have made it possible to expand our reach and reward excellent work in law at Princeton. Our primary gifts to date include provision for:

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Annual Reports

2013-2014 Annual Report
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2012-2013 Annual Report
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2011-2012 Annual Report
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2010-2011 Annual Report
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2009-2010 Annual Report
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2008-2009 Annual Report
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2007-2008 Annual Report
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Historical Record -2001-2007
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"An Unexpected Story: The History and Origins of Princeton''s Long-standing Tradition of Interdisciplinary Legal Scholarship"

by David Hollander, Law & Legal Studies Librarian, Princeton University Library

Mr. Hollander traces the development of Princeton University's largely unknown tradition of interdisciplinary legal education and scholarship. After discussing the history of Princeton's now-forgotten law school and the multiple attempts to revive it, he then examines how legal education and research have always been an integral part of academics at Princeton, and how the strong presence of interdisciplinary legal studies at Princeton today springs from this fascinating history.