Fall 2013 LEGS Seminars

Tuesdays at Noon
438 Robertson Hall

LEGS, or "Law-Engaged Graduate Students," meets during the academic year to discuss a work in progress by one of our Graduate Associates. Academic papers, dissertation proposals, and dissertation chapters have been presented at these meetings, to an audience of fellow graduate students.

If you are interested in presenting a paper, please contact Anna Offit at aoffit@princeton.edu.

October 1: Peter Conti-Brown, History
"The Structure of Federal Reserve Independence"

October 9: Angele Christin, Sociology
"Qualities and Quantities: Performance Masurements and their Effects in the Workplace"

October 15:  Alex Acs, Politics
"Regulatory Agencies: A Look at Political Control in Law-Making Bureaucracies "

November 5:  Chris Kendall, Politics
"Selective Enforcement: Balancing Principals in the Colombian Constitutional Court "

November 19:  Vinay Sitapati, Politics
"Measuring the Impact of Court Judgments: Evidence from the Indian Supreme Court"

December 3:  Yael Berda, Sociology
"Subjects and suspects: how emergency laws and surveillance practices diffused in the former British Empire Examples from India, Israel and Cyprus"


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