Here you can find news items that LAPA has posted in the past, as well as those items currently on display.

Date Slug Title
May 21, 2014 In The News LAPA Fellow R. Daniel Kelemen writes in "Foreign Affairs" about the upcoming European Parliament elections
May 14, 2014 In The News Former LAPA Fellow Mark Brandon*92 named Dean of the University of Alabama School of Law
May 13, 2014 In the News Kim Lane Scheppele monitors constitutional developments in Hungary
April 25, 2014 Fellowships LAPA Announces 2014-2015 Fellows
April 22, 2014 In The News Kim Lane Scheppele awarded the Harry J. Kalven, Jr. Award by the Law and Society Association
April 3, 2014 In The News New book from LAPA Fellow Daniel Kelemen
April 2, 2014 In The News LAPA Fellow Daniel LaChance receives national recognition as junior law and humanities scholar
March 10, 2014 In the News LAPA names 2014 Arthur Liman Fellows
January 30, 2014 In The News Law in The Public Service: Not Just for Lawyers
January 24, 2014 In the News Thinking about Race on the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act
January 6, 2014 In The News LAPA and Rutgers Announce New Criminal Justice Working Group
August 30, 2013 In the News LAPA Associate Director Leslie Gerwin authors recent Op-Eds
June 3, 2013 In The News Aaron Nathan Glasserman'13 awarded 2013 Henderson Prize
March 4, 2013 Fellowships LAPA Announces 2013-2014 Fellows
February 25, 2013 In the News LAPA names 2013 Arthur Liman Fellows
February 22, 2013 Scholar-in-Residence Lawrence Sager, University of Texas at Austin School of Law
February 8, 2013 Workshops Workshops on case studies scheduled for Spring
February 4, 2013 Scholar-in-Residence Dieter Grimm, Former Justice of the Federal Constitutional Court of the Republic of Germany
October 4, 2012 In The News Jan-Werner Müller to deliver 1814 Lecture in Oslo
July 25, 2012 In the News Former LAPA fellow Elizabeth Magill named new dean of Stanford Law School
June 4, 2012 In The News Carter Greenbaum '12 awarded 2012 Henderson Prize
March 12, 2012 Fellowships LAPA Announces 2012-2013 Fellows
February 20, 2012 In the News LAPA names 2012 Arthur Liman Fellows
January 30, 2012 Spring Crime and Punishment Workshops scheduled
September 26, 2011 Fall Crime and Punishment Workshops scheduled
August 24, 2011 In The News Anne-Marie Slaughter and Stephen Macedo join the LAPA Executive Committee
July 20, 2011 In the News LAPA Director Kim Lane Scheppele elected to the International Academy of Comparative Law
June 20, 2011 Award Carol Greenhouse wins 2011 Harry J. Kalven Jr. Prize
March 3, 2011 In The Public Square Stan Katz awarded National Humanities Medal
February 23, 2011 Fellowships LAPA Announces 2011-2012 Fellows
February 14, 2011 LAPA names 2011 Arthur Liman Fellows
November 18, 2010 In The Public Square "The Limits of Constitutional Democracy" now published
October 11, 2010 Special Event Law@Princeton
September 27, 2010 Special Event Crime and Punishment Workshop
September 7, 2010 In The Public Square Gordon Silverstein wins book award from APSA
August 4, 2010 In the News LAPA welcomes Fellow Travelers
July 30, 2010 In Memoriam LAPA remembers Walter F. Murphy
April 28, 2010 FELLOWSHIPS LAPA Announces 2010-2011 Fellows
April 13, 2010 In the Public Square LAPA associates weigh in on Justice Stevens retirement
February 22, 2010 Fellowships LAPA names 2010 Arthur Liman Fellows
December 2, 2009 In the Public Square "Full Court Press" panel to air on C-SPAN
December 1, 2009 In the Public Square George Bustin to speak at a meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations
November 19, 2009 In the Public Square LAPA Graduate Associate wins important decision in Israel Supreme Court
November 6, 2009 In the Public Square LAPA Fellow Bernadette Meyler presents at Temple Faculty Colloquium
November 5, 2009 In the Public Square Associate Director Leslie Gerwin moderates panel on "Making the Case for Reproductive Choice in Health Care Reform"
September 20, 2009 in the public square LAPA Acting Director Paul Frymer wins book award from APSA
September 16, 2009 in the public square LAPA Fellow Eli Salzberger publishes opinion piece on UN Goldstone Report on the Israeli Gaza Campaign
April 14, 2009 Award LAPA Graduate Associate Intisar Rabb named Carnegie Scholar
April 6, 2009 IN THE PUBLIC SQUARE LAPA Fellow Christina Murray to serve on Kenyan constitutional review committee
March 2, 2009 Practitioner-in-Residence John B. Bellinger III '82
February 25, 2009 FELLOWSHIPS LAPA Announces 2009-2010 Fellows
February 18, 2009 Fellowships LAPA names 2009 Arthur Liman Fellows
February 5, 2009 In the Public Square LAPA to host Reporters for the American Law Institute
December 14, 2008 In the public square LAPA accorded official observer status at United Nations Conference on Human Rights
November 1, 2008 CALL FOR PAPERS Fourth Annual Comparative Law Works in Progress Workshop, 6 & 7 February 2009 @ Princeton University
August 18, 2008 AWARD LAPA graduate associate wins best paper award
June 30, 2008 AWARD J. Welles Henderson '43 Senior Thesis Prize
April 28, 2008 Fellowships LAPA Announces 2008-2009 Fellows
March 10, 2008 In the public square LAPA Grad Associates Write Op-Ed for Leading Poland Paper
March 3, 2008 Fellowship LAPA names '08 Arthur Liman Fellows
February 24, 2008 Award LAPA Grad Associates Win Jacobus Fellowships
February 7, 2008 Award Walter Murphy Writes AAP Best Book of 2007
December 21, 2007 Press Release LAPA Undergraduate Forum Selects New Executive Committee
December 14, 2007 Award LAPA Undergraduate Associate Receives Sachs Scholarship
October 1, 2007 Press Release Princeton's Law and Public Affairs Program Releases Consensus Findings on Legal Framework Governing U.S. Military Contractors
March 12, 2007 Fellowships LAPA Announces 2007-2008 Fellows
March 12, 2007 In The News LAPA in the Public Square
March 12, 2007 Redesign LAPA Launches New Website
March 12, 2007 Fellowships Princeton Students Selected for 2007 Liman Public Interest Law Summer Fellowships
March 1, 2007 In The Public Square Chibli Mallat, LAPA Fellow
March 1, 2007 Conference LAPA Hosts Conference in Honor of Stan Katz
November 1, 2006 Test
Awards Stan Katz awarded National Humanities Medal

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