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LAPA Fellow Eli Salzberger publishes opinion piece on UN Goldstone Report on the Israeli Gaza Campaign

Eli Salzberger, 2009-2010 Microsoft/LAPA Fellow, who recently stepped down as Dean of the Faculty of Law at Haifa University School of Law today published an opinion piece critical of the Israeli government's response to the Goldstone Report on Israel's conduct during the recent Gaza campaign.  The UN Commission criticized Israel for some of its operational decisions during the campaign identifying actions that, it concluded, violated international law.

Salzberger writes that the Israeli government responded "hyperbolically and hysterically." He opines that the Israeli government is wrong to accuse the UN and the report's author, respected international jurist Richard Goldstone, of encouraging terror by its critique of Israel's conduct. Rather, he suggests that Israelis should read and learn from the report, noting that it neither criticizes Israel's right of self-defense nor the legality of its going to war.  He argues that Israel should also conduct its own investigation to determine if it can in the future better minimize both the casualties suffered by innocent civilians as well as to by its own soldiers.  At the same time, Salzberger notes that the international community is unfairly intolerant of Israel's efforts to protect its security within the bounds of international law.

The Hebrew version of Salzberger's piece is found at,7340,L-3777559,00.html.  The English version is found at