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New book from LAPA Fellow Daniel Kelemen

"Lessons from Europe? What Americans Can Learn from European Public Policies"

LAPA Fellow R. Daniel Kelemen has just published an edited volume entitled Lessons from Europe? What Americans Can Learn from European Public Policies (2015, Sage Publications).  

It contains a series of essays by noted scholars on topics including health care, work-family policies, pensions, labor market policy, immigration, climate change, urban transport and political institutions.  In his introduction, Kelemen explains that the book moves beyond the misleading rhetoric that has characterized much recent discussion of Europe in the United States and explores what Americans can actually learn from the successes and failures of European democracies in confronting our common twenty-first century policy challenges. 

Kelemen, who is a professor of political science at Rutgers, has widely published on European Union Topics.  He is currently working on a project examining the expansion of European Union courts.  Most recently, he published an article on the German Constitutional Court's reference to the ECJ about the European Central Bank's bond buying scheme: