Executive Committee Member

Alan W. Patten

Professor of Politics; Acting Director, University Center for Human Values

246 Corwin Hall
phone: 609-258-6831; fax: 609-258-1110

Alan Patten is Associate Professor of Politics at Princeton University. A citizen of Canada and the United States, he obtained his B.A. from McGill University in 1988, and went on to do an M.A. at the University of Toronto and an M. Phil. and D. Phil. (1996) at the University of Oxford. He previously taught at McGill University and the University of Exeter, and spent the spring of 2004 teaching two graduate seminars at the State Islamic University of Indonesia in Jakarta.

He is the author of Hegel's Idea of Freedom (Oxford, 1999), which won the APSA First Book Prize in Political Theory and the C.B. Macpherson Prize awarded by the Canadian Political Science Association. He is the co-editor, with Will Kymlicka, of Language Rights and Political Theory (Oxford, 2003). His articles include "Political Theory and Language Policy," Political Theory (2001), "Democratic Secession from a Multinational State," Ethics (2002), "Liberal Neutrality and Language Policy," Philosophy & Public Affairs (2003), and "Humanist Roots of Linguistic Nationalism," History of Political Thought (2006). He is currently writing a book on political theory and language politics and he has a longer term project underway on nationalism and the history of political thought. Professor Patten is currently serving as Chair of the Fund for Canadian Studies at Princeton.

"Who Should Have Official Language Rights?", Supreme Court Law Review, 2006, penultimate page proofs.