Gwendolyn Gordon

Anthropology, Ph.D. candidate

Graduate Associates

Gwendolyn Gordon is a lawyer and a Ph.D. student in the Department of Anthropology at Princeton University. Her research concerns the intersections of land and corporate law with indigenous cultures. Her dissertation, based on her ethnographic research with an indigenously-owned corporation, focuses on the ways law affects and is affected by conceptions of ownership and management, stewardship and responsibility. Gwendolyn uses her work to theorize ownership, property, and indigenous social and economic rights. Other works in progress include an article on popular perceptions of indigeniety as they affect environmental regulation of indigenously-owned corporations, and an article considering indigenous engagements with corporate ownership and control in theorizing the corporate form. Gwendolyn holds a BA from Cornell University and a JD from Harvard Law School, where she focused on human rights issues for indigenous peoples. Before coming to Princeton, she worked as a corporate attorney at Shearman and Sterling LLP in New York, advising corporations as to compliance with the Investment Companies Act and the Investment Advisers Act.