Jessica Zou

Undergraduate Associates Co-Chair

Undergraduate Associate

Jessica Zou '16 is concentrating in the Woodrow Wilson School and pursuing certificates in American Studies and Values and Public Life. On campus, Jessica serves as Co-chair of the Program in Law and Public Affairs Undergraduate Associates and a volunteer tutor at Garden State Youth Correctional Facility with the Petey Greene Prisoner Assistance Program. During her sophomore year, Jessica co-organized a the Princeton student study trip to study alternatives to incarceration, with emphasis on assisting youth, drug offenders, and women with a history of domestic abuse. Her previous experiences with criminal justice include interning as a legal assistant for the lead defense attorney at Kaspero Law and supporting a paralegal at Youth Represent, a non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to helping youth overcome legal hurdles post-incarceration. As a 2014 Liman Fellow, Jesssica worked in public defense as a legal investigation intern working with underprivileged defendants who cannot afford private legal counsel. She is from Irvine, California.