Leanne Smith

Woodrow Wilson School, MPP candidate

Graduate Associate

Leanne Smith has been practicing law and public policy across a variety of fields since graduating from ANU, primarily international law and human rights law. She has worked as a clerk to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory, for Human Rights NGOs in Indonesia, for the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) on anti-discrimination and indigenous issues and for the Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions. She then joined the Australian Foreign Service where she worked on policy and legal issues including: disarmament; human rights and refugee law; Pakistan/Afghanistan relations; law of the sea and corporate planning. Leanne spent three years (2001-2004) as the Australian Second Secretary in the Balkans covering FRY (Serbia and Montenegro), Kosovo, Macedonia and Romania. From 2005-2007 Leanne was seconded from the Foreign Ministry to the UN in Afghanistan where she worked first as a human rights field of ficer for UNAMA and then for OHCHR and UNDP as an international technical adviser to the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.