Pam Mueller

Graduate Student, Social Psychology

Graduate Associates

Pam Mueller completed her PhD in Social Psychology at Princeton in 2015. She also received her B.S. in psychology, summa cum laude, from Loyola University Chicago in 2002, and her J.D., cum laude, from Harvard Law School in 2008.

Prior to law school, she worked as a press secretary for Howard Dean's presidential campaign and on Capitol Hill. Before entering graduate school, she practiced trademark, copyright, and false advertising law, and was a research associate at the American Bar Foundation and Northwestern Law School.

Current projects include work on victimhood and agency in the justice system; differential use of information in criminal and civil cases; consumer expectations in products liability; and inchoate crimes and morality.


Selected Papers:

Mueller, P.A. (forthcoming, Spring 2017). Victimhood and agency: How taking charge takes its toll. Pepperdine Law Review.

Nadler, J., & Mueller, P.A. (in press). Law and social psychology. In Francesco Parisi (ed.), Oxford Handbook of Law and Economics, Oxford University Press.

Mueller, P.A., & Oppenheimer, D.M. (2016). Technology and note-taking in the classroom, boardroom, and courtroom. Technology in Neuroscience and Education.

Mueller, P.A., & Oppenheimer, D.M. (2014). The pen is mightier than the keyboard: Advantages of longhand over laptop note taking. Psychological Science.

Chandler, J.J., Mueller, P.A., & Paolacci, G. (2013). Non-naïveté among Amazon Mechanical Turk workers: Consequences and solutions for behavioral researchers.  Behavior Research Methods, 10.3758/s13428-013-0365-7

Shapiro, D.N., Chandler, J.J., & Mueller, P.A. (2013). Using Mechanical Turk to study clinical populations. Clinical Psychological Science, 1(2), 213-220.

Mueller, P.A., Solan, L.M., & Darley, J.M. (2012). When does knowledge become intent?: Perceiving the minds of wrongdoers.  Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, 9, 859-892.

Diamond, S.S. & Mueller, P.A. (2010). Empirical legal scholarship in law reviews. Annual Review of Law and Social Science, 6, 581-599.

Diamond, S.S. & Mueller, P.A. (2008). Jury decisions versus judges’ decisions. The Encyclopedia of Psychology and Law, Sage Publications: 2008.                          

Selected Presentations:

American Psychological Society Annual Meeting, Chicago, 2016: Victimhood and Agency: How Taking Charge Takes Its Toll

Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Meeting, San Diego, 2016: The Effects of Institutional Choice on Lay Perceptions of Harmdoers and Victims

International Society for Justice Research, New York University, 2014: Mind Perception and Morality in the Justice System

ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce 2013; Crowdsourcing and Online Behavioral Experiments Workshop: Non-Naïveté Among Amazon Mechanical Turk Workers

Four College Conference – Princeton University, 2013: The Pen Is Mightier Than the Keyboard: Laptop and Longhand Note-Taking

Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Meeting & Social Psychology and Law Pre-Conference, 2013 (poster presentation): Is Strict Liability Too Strict?: Lay Intuitions about Intentionality and Institutional Choice

Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Meeting, 2012 (symposium chair and presenter): Advanced Uses of Mechanical Turk Crowdsourcing in Psychological Research

Conference on Empirical Legal Studies, Northwestern University, 2011: When Does Knowledge Become Intent?: Perceiving the Minds of Wrongdoers

Brooklyn Law School, Philosophy, Linguistics, and Law Series, 2011: When Does Knowledge Become Intent?

MERG Experimental Philosophy Conference, New York University, 2011: From Risk to Knowledge, from Knowledge to Intent: How People Perceive the Minds of Wrongdoers