Paul Gowder


Associate Professor, University of Iowa College of Law; Institute for Advanced Study

Guests and Visitors

Paul Gowder teaches constitutional law and professional responsibility. His research spans a broad territory in constitutional law, ethics, normative and conceptual jurisprudence, political philosophy, democratic theory, and game theory.  Currently, his primary research program is an exploration of the rule of law and its relationship to political and social equality, with various pieces of the overall project drawing on philosophical argument, historical research into the law in societies as diverse as seventeenth-century England and classical Athens, and political science formal modeling, all directed at the overall end of making sense of the idea of government under law and its application in real-world societies. Other research topics past and future include free speech, cyberlaw, the countermajoritarian difficulty and popular constitutionalism, and conceptions of liberty. In his practice days, he was a public interest litigator.  He has practiced employment, consumer, landlord-tenant, public benefits, and family law with a low-income legal services organization in Ontario, Oregon. He has also practiced civil rights, employment discrimination, and police misconduct law in Alexandria, Virginia. He is a  scholar at the Institute for Advanced Studies School of Social Science for the 2014-2015 academic year.