Thomas S. Clark


Politics, PhD candidate

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 Corwin Hall

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Date archived: July 22, 2008
Tom Clark is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Politics. His research focuses on judicial politics, the separation of powers, rational-choice institutionalism, and empirical legal studies. Tom's dissertation, "The Politics of Judicial Independence", examines the role of judicial legitimacy and inter-institutional hostility in the separation-of-powers by studying the use of Court-curbing legislation by Congress from Reconstruction through the modern period. Tom has also written on decision-making at the Courts of Appeals; his published work has appeared in Political Research Quarterly and the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies. He has on-going research on the macropolitics of the U.S. Supreme Court, judicial review of Acts of Congress by the U.S. Supreme Court, and the effect of different selection mechanisms on decision-making by state supreme courts. Beginning in August 2008, Tom will be Assistant Professor of Political Science at Emory University.