LAPA Fellow


Marci A. Hamilton

Former LAPA Fellow, 2007-2008
Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University

55 Fifth Avenue, Suite 404, New York, NY 10003
phone: 212-790-0215

While at LAPA
Marci A. Hamilton is one of the nation's leading church/state scholars and public intellectuals, specializing in issues involving religious entities that harm others.  Her writings on current disputes between religious individuals or organizations and the law have appeared in the Huffington Post, the New York Times, the Washington Post,, and numerous other media outlets, as well as her bi-monthly column on   

Professor Hamilton is an advisor for victims in many clergy abuse cases involving numerous religious institutions, including cases involving the child sex abuse statutes of limitations and pending cases against the Holy See for its complicity in the creation of the conditions for child sex abuse by clergy. She also represents a number of cities and neighborhoods challenging the constitutionality of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act and was lead counsel for the City of Boerne, Texas, in Boerne v. Flores, 521 U.S. 507 (1997), before the Supreme Court in its seminal federalism and church/state case holding the Religious Freedom Restoration Act unconstitutional.