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LAPA fellows bring law-related expertise to Princeton. While they are engaged in research and writing during their stay at Princeton, fellows are often finishing projects started in earlier publications. We are listing here new and recent publications by our fellows and by visitors to the LAPA program to provide a sense for the extraordinary range and depth of knowledge that our LAPA fellows add to the campus discussions.


The Globalization of International Law
edited by Paul Schiff Berman
Ashgate Publishing
ISBN 0754624129
Publication Date January 2006

'International law' is no longer a sufficient rubric to describe the complexities of law in an era of globalization. Accordingly, this collection situates cross-border norm development at the intersection of interdisciplinary scholarship on comparative law, conflict of laws, civil procedure, cyberlaw, legal pluralism and the cultural analysis of law, as well as traditional international law. It provides a broad range of seminal articles on transnational law-making, governmental and non-governmental networks, judicial influence and cooperation across borders, the dialectical relationships among national, international and non-state legal norms, and the possibilities of 'bottom-up' and plural law-making processes. The introduction situates these articles within the framework of law and globalization and suggests four important ways in which such a framework enlarges the traditional focus of international law. This book, therefore, provides a crucial reference for scholars and practitioners seeking to understand the varied processes of norm development in the emerging global legal order.

Law and Society Approaches to Cyberspace
edited by Paul Schiff Berman
Ashgate Publishing
ISBN 0754624935
Forthcoming September 2007

During the past decade, the rise of online communication has proven to be particularly fertile ground for academic exploration at the intersection of law and society. Scholars have considered how best to apply existing law to new technological problems but they also have returned to first principles, considering fundamental questions about what law is, how it is formed and its relation to cultural and technological change. This collection brings together many of these seminal works, which variously seek to interrogate assumptions about the nature of communication, knowledge, invention, information, sovereignty, identity and community. From the use of metaphor in legal opinions about the internet, to the challenges posed by globalization and deterritorialization, to the potential utility of online governance models, to debates about copyright, free expression and privacy, this collection offers an invaluable introduction to cutting-edge ideas about law and society in an online era. In addition, the introductory essay both situates this work within the trajectory of law and society scholarship and summarizes the major fault lines in ongoing policy debates about the regulation of online activity.

International Law and Society: Empirical Approaches to Human Rights
edited by Laura Dickinson
Ashgate Publishing
ISBN 0754626113
Forthcoming July 2007

Scholars of international human rights law are largely unfamiliar with law and society scholarship, while the study of international human rights has remained at the margins of the law and society movement. International Human Rights: Empirical Approaches to Human Rights seeks to bridge this gap by presenting the work of a growing number of academics who are adopting a range of empirical approaches to international human rights. Drawn from the fields of anthropology, sociology, political science and law, the studies featured in this volume use a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods to analyze core issues of international law and human rights, such as compliance, the development of norms and the role of social movements.

International Law Stories
co-edited by Laura Dickinson (with John E. Noyes)
Foundation Press
October 2007

Introduction to Middle Eastern Law
by Chibli Mallat
Oxford University Press
ISBN 0-19-923049-8
Publication Date June 2007

This book provides an introduction to the laws of the Middle East, defining the contours of a field of study that deserves to be called 'Middle Eastern law'. It introduces Middle Eastern law as a reflection of legal styles, many of which are shared by Islamic law and the laws of Christian and Jewish Near Eastern communities. It offers a detailed survey of the foundations of Middle Eastern Law, using court archives and an array of legal sources from the earliest records of Hammurabi to the massive compendia of law in the Islamic classical age through to the latest decisions of Middle Eastern high courts. It focuses on the way legislators and courts conceive of law and apply it in the Middle East. It builds on the author's extensive legal practice, with the aim of introducing the Middle Eastern law's main sources and concepts in a manner accessible to non-specialist legal scholars and practitioners alike.

Over hoofddoekjes, lange rokken en de seculiere samenleving. De noodzaak van een inclusieve democratie en een theologie der voorlopigheid. (rede bij de opening van het academisch jaar)
by Wibren van der Berg
Kampen:Thu(Kamper oraties 31)
Publication Date 2006
Title in English:On head scarves, black stockings and secular society. The need for an inclusive democracy and a theology of provisionality

Over religie, moraal en politiek. Een vrijzinnig alternatief
by Wibren van der Berg
Kampen: Ten Have
Publication Date 2005
Title in English:On Religion, morality and politics. A liberal alternative


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