Graduate Associates

Student Papers In Print

Christina Duffy Burnett, "Untied States: American Expansion and Territorial De-annexation," 72 University of Chicago Law Review 795 (2005).View Paper

Sara Nephew Hassani,"Locating Digital Divides at Home, Work, and Everywhere Else," Poetics 34:250-272 (2006). View Paper

Maribel Morey, "The Civil Commitment of State-Dependent Minors: Resonating Discourses that Leave Her Heterosexuality and His Homosexuality Vulnerable to Scrutiny," New York University Law Review 81:2129-2157 (2006). View Paper

Student Working Papers

Justin Crowe and Christopher Karpowitz, "Where Have You Gone, Sherman Minton? The Decline of the Short-Term Supreme Court Justice," April 2006, Princeton Law and Public Affairs Working Paper No. 06-014. View Paper

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