Resources for LAPA Faculty

Joining LAPA as a Faculty Associate

LAPA is eager to include new Faculty Associates in the program. Joining will put you on the LAPA listserv for faculty, which publicizes law-related events on campus, passes on news of funding opportunities, conferences and calls for papers, and organizes the law-related community of faculty at Princeton. LAPA Faculty Associates are invited to the annual retreat at the start of each year and to various academic and social events throughout the year. To join, please send an email to program director Kim Lane Scheppele.

Listing a Course With LAPA

Faculty who are teaching law-related courses may list a course with LAPA. To make sure you are on our courses list, contact to ensure your course is displayed on the website.

We can advertise your law-related course to our various email lists of law-engaged students. To get your course notice out onto our listservs, please send a description of the course and/or a syllabus to the and specify which group you would like to reach. We have listservs for a) law-engaged graduate students in PhD programs (LEGS), b) LAPA-connected undergraduates, c) MPP and MPA students interested in law in the Woodrow Wilson School, d) visitors to various fellowship programs around campus and e) the broader Princeton community of law-engaged people. Our program manager can ensure your course is advertised to the relevant groups.

Getting a LEXIS-NEXIS Password

For faculty who are affiliated with the LAPA program, we can arrange for you to get a law-school-quality LEXIS/NEXIS password for use in your research. This database allows you access to virtually all of American law in electronically searchable format, to some comparative law materials, to a large collection of law reviews and other secondary law sources, and to an extraordinary collection of news materials from US and foreign sources. If you would like a password, please contact our Associate Director. Periodic instructional courses are offered by David Hollander , Firestone's law librarian.

Publishing With SSRN

LAPA maintains a working paper series on the Social Science Research Network, under the title of the Princeton University Legal Studies Research Paper Series . SSRN publishes articles, book chapters and abstracts of books. SSRN is the best way to reach the community of law professors and legal scholars in the US. It is widely read and SSRN's paper download service enables you to reach a large number of people with your work, even before it is officially published.

To submit your work to SSRN through the Princeton Legal Studies Research Paper Series, you must first register yourself with SSRN. To do this, go to SSRN and click on the Free Registration link on the upper left-hand corner of the page (above the sign-in blocks). The SSRN website will walk you through how to register from there.

After you are registered, you should submit the paper to us at LAPA. To submit a paper, please send it as an email attachment to In the body of the email, please include the following:

  1. An abstract of the article.
  2. Information about publication status of the article - published, accepted for publication, conference paper, working paper - along with the name of the journal or book where the piece will be or has been published.
  3. Your affiliation with Princeton (title, department, faculty, fellow, visitor, etc).

If you have already submitted the paper in another way to SSRN, all you have to do is to provide the full citation of that paper as well as the way you want to be listed as affiliated with Princeton. There is no need to attach the paper since it is already in the system.

Opportunities Outside Princeton

LAPA likes to keep the Princeton community in touch with what is happening in law outside of Princeton. See our Opportunities page for more information about conferences, prizes, jobs, funding opportunities, special issues of journals, and new datasets in law.

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