PROGRAMMING UPDATE (AS OF JUNE 2022): Following a planned hiatus during the academic year 2021-22, Programming in Law will continue this fall with a group of visitors in law during the 2022-23 academic year—together with other law-related activities and events. For more information please visit the Law@Princeton website.

The Program in Law and Public Affairs (LAPA) explores the role of law in politics, society, the economy, and culture in the United States, countries around the world, and across national borders. Through its programming, teaching, and research initiatives, LAPA combines the multidisciplinary expertise of Princeton's faculty with the knowledge provided by leading academic and practical experts on American, international, and comparative law.  This extraordinary legal community provides an exciting forum for rethinking the role of law across the disciplines and for addressing the complex problems of the 21st century.

News and Announcements

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