Annual Princeton ConLaw Schmooze

On the Conservative Legal Era

Fri, 12/11/2009 to Sat, 12/12/2009
by invitation only
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By Invitation Only

This workshop is the Princeton version of the Constitutional  Law "Schmooze."  The "Schmooze" has brought together major scholars in both law schools and political science departments  for decades now. The Third Annual Princeton Schmooze carries on the tradition of bringing legal  and political experts together to discuss a topic of general and pervasive  importance in the field.

The workshop will be held on Friday-Saturday 11-12 December 2009, starting at noon on Friday and continuing through dinner on Saturday.

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This year's Princeton workshop will focus on different themes of the conservative legal era in United States politics and society.  Now in it's fourth decade, conservative judges, theorists, administrators, politicians, and activists have combined to accomplish a number of significant changes to our nation's laws, social policies, and values.  Panels will address numerous aspects of this 'era', including its rise, maintenance, and future; its victories and failures; its fundamentals, facets, and incongruities; and its impact.  Presenters come from a variety of disciplines and ideologies and will examine topics such as conservative legal thought, liberal legal thought during the era, dynamics between politics and courts, changes in legal jurisprudence, changes in social policy through legal  activism (or in-activism), as well as the broader institutional and historical context in which this movement has thrived.