Broken Social Contracts?

The Eurocrisis in Southern Europe

Thu, 11/21/2013
Noon, Room 010, East Pyne
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Co-sponsored Event

In the eyes of some, the Eurocrisis has caused a major crisis of
political legitimacy in southern European countries from Portugal to
Greece. For others, it has simply exposed long-standing problems
with discredited political establishments and dysfunctional states.
Are the people of Southern Europe in need of a new social contract
or perhaps even new countries (consider the secession movement
in Catalonia)? If so, how would they be authorized? This panel will
engage such larger questions as well as more country-specific crisis
phenomena such as the rise of Beppe Grillo in Italy and of Golden
Dawn in Greece.

Carles Boix, Princeton University
Stathis Kalyvas, Yale University
Mark Mazower, Columbia University
Nadia Urbinati, Columbia University
Chair: Jan-Werner Müller, Princeton University

Cosponsored with the Stanely J. Seeger '52 Center for Hellenic Studies, the Project in the History of Political Thought, the University Center for Human Values, the European Union Program, and the Program in Law and Public Affairs