In the Public Square

Chibli Mallat, LAPA Fellow

Candidate for the Presidency of Lebanon

In addition to being a visiting professor at Princeton and a LAPA fellow for 2006-2007, Chibli Mallat is also a candidate for the presidency of Lebanon. He was featured in a 2006 Newsweek profile as an inspiring contender for that post and was interviewed by the BBC program Hardtalk. He is a commentator with the influential international Project Syndicate.

Since the Israeli-Hezbollah war of summer 2006, he has been interviewed frequently about the current situation in Lebanon and was a featured expert in the New York Times op-ed treatment of the subject. He is also a frequent commentator for the Daily Star (Lebanon).

Mallat has also been a commentator on trial of Saddam Hussein, including commentaries on Saddam's legal appeal and on his execution. As a strong believer in the rule of law, Mallat had been a long-time anti-Saddam activist.