Church State Scripture

Session 3: Paul's Epistles

Wed, 02/17/2010
4:30 PM, Kerstetter Room, Marx Hall
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Co-sponsored Event

Guest Speaker: J. Ross Wagner, Princeton Theological Seminary

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A Faculty/Student Seminar directed by Peter Brooks (Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Scholar, UCHV and Comp. Lit.) and Bernadette Meyler (LAPA Fellow and Professor, Cornell Law School).

This seminar series may be taken for credit -- CHV 538/COM538 

An inquiry into the relation of the reading and interpretation of scripture to laws, whether derived from texts held to be sacred or designed to regulate their effects, and to Law as an idea and an ethos in which we live.  The Seminar explores the interpretation of fundamental texts from three major religious traditions-Judaism, Christianity, and Islam-and legal texts that derive from them or comment on them, as well as laws conceived to police, regulate, or accommodate religion; also the ways in which literature dramatizes the role of law, and of Law, in its discovery of the limits to human action. 

Participating speakers in the Seminar will include Christine Hayes (Yale), John Bowlin (Princeton Theological Seminary), Elaine Pagels, Aron Zysow, Jeff Dolven, Natasha Lee (Princeton), Kent Greenawalt (Columbia Law School), Michael Warner (Yale), Suzanne Last Stone (Cardozo Law School), Nomi Stolzenberg (USC Law School), Jefferson Powell (Duke Law School) and Kenji Yoshino (NYU Law School). 

This series is sponsored by The University Center for Human Values, the Department of Comparative Literature and The Law and Public Affairs Program in the Woodrow Wilson School, and funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation's Distinguished Achievement Award.