Fourth Annual Comparative Law Works in Progress Workshop

At Princeton University

Fri, 02/06/2009 to Sat, 02/07/2009
by invitation only
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By Invitation Only

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There is no regular opportunity for comparative law scholars in the United States to meet and discuss their work in any depth. The scholarly programs of the meetings of the American Society of Comparative Law are chosen and organized by the respective host schools and aim at the presentation of finished papers on a given topic. While there is some opportunity to present work in progress, there is little opportunity for sustained discussion. The meetings of the Comparative Law Section at the AALS Conference each January are also dedicated to a specific topic and usually exhaust themselves in the presentation of papers with little substantive discussion. There is thus a need for a forum in which comparative law work in progress can be explored among colleagues in a serious and thorough manner that will be truly helpful to the respective authors.

The Annual Comparative Law Works-in-Progress Workshop is intended to fill that need. It will involve up to six papers during a two-day period. "Work in progress" means scholarship that has reached a stage at which it is substantial enough to merit serious discussion and critique but that has not yet appeared in print (although it may have been accepted for publication. It includes law review articles, book chapters or outlines, substantial book reviews, and other appropriate genres.


American Society of Comparative Law
University of Michigan Law School
University of Illinois College of Law
Princeton University, Program in Law and Public Affairs


Mathias Reimann (University of Michigan Law School)
Jacqueline Ross (University of Illinois College of Law)
Kim Lane Scheppele (Princeton University, Program in Law and Public Affairs)