Geoffrey Robinson , UCLA

'If You Leave Us Here, We Will Die' - Mass Violence and Intervention in East Timor

Wed, 11/12/2008
4:30-6 PM, 211 Dickinson
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Co-sponsored Event

This public lecture is part of the Human Rights and Crimes against Humanity Colloquium Series. The series is co-sponsored by the Department of History, the Shelby Cullom Davis Center for Historical Studies, UCHV, and LAPA. Please join us! This series is organized by Eric Weitz, Stanley Kelley Jr. Visiting Professor for Distinguished Teaching, History Department.

The public lecture is at 4:30 PM in Dickinson Hall, Room 211; a teaching workshop wil be held prior to the lecture from 12-1:15 PM in Dickinson Hall, Room 210. A reception in 136 Dickinson will follow the lecture.

Geoffrey Robinson is associate professor in the History Department at UCLA.  He trained as a political scientist of Southeast Asia and has written the acclaimed Dark Side of Paradise: Political Violence in Bali (Cornell, 1995).  He has worked for both Amnesty International and the United Nations on human rights issues in Indonesia and East Timor.  His most recent book, with the same title as his lecture, will appear in fall 2009 in the Princeton University Press series, Human Rights and Crimes against Humanity.  The book is based on Robinson's scholarly research and his human rights experience on the ground in East Timor.  Robinson depicts in bracing fashion the human rights crisis that emerged in 1999 in East Timor, and analyzes the extraordinary confluence of circumstances that, for once, resulted in a successful international humanitarian intervention.