Graduate Seminar with Dieter Grimm

Understanding the German Federal Constitutional Court

Thu, 02/07/2013
2:00 PM, 438 Robertson Hall
Event Category: 
Graduate Students
Policy Students

LAPA will have a special seminar for graduate students on Thursday, 7 February from 2-3:30 with JUSTICE DIETER GRIMM.   The seminar will take place in 438 Robertson.    

By popular demand, he will talk about the internal organization and operation of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany, which is probably the most influential national court in the world.   Come and hear from first-hand experience how judges are appointed, how they come to be assigned to cases, how deliberation proceeds within the court, who writes dissents, and how judges think about their role and responsibility in a vibrant constitutional democracy.   Justice Grimm also has a most interesting perspective on the relationship between the development of German constitutional law and the development of the European Union.  As you will see, German judges are much more forthcoming about how their courts work than are US judges.    

Justice Grimm served on the German Federal Constitutional Court from 1987-1999.   And he is currently a Visiting Professor of Law and Gruber Global Constitutionalism Fellow at Yale Law School. He is also a Professor of Law Emeritus at Humboldt University of Berlin and a Permanent Fellow and former Director of the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin Institute for Advanced Study. He is an honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.