Internet Hate Speech, Fake News, and Armies of Trolls

Free Speech Now Series

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 4:30pm
Lewis Library, Room 120
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Co-sponsored Event

This is part II in a three-part series titled Free Speech Now .

The Internet has brought into conflict different cultural and legal norms around freedom of expression in unprecedented ways. In conjunction with her spring seminar, CHV/PHI: Free Speech in the Internet Age, Visiting Professor for Distinguished Teaching, Susan Brison, has organized a series of public events examining how the value of free speech can be protected while we address the harms of cyber harrassment, revenge porn, fake news, and online and campus hate speech.

chemaly photo
Soraya Chemaly
Women’s Media Center Speech Project

Soraya Chemaly is a writer and activist whose work focuses on the role of gender in culture, politics, religion and media. She is the Director of the Women's Media Center Speech Project and organizer of the Safety and Free Speech Coalition, both of which are involved in curbing online abuse, media and tech diversity, and expanding women's freedom of expression. 

cherry photo
Myisha Cherry
Host, The Unmute Podcast; Harvard University

Myisha Cherry is a Visting Graduate Fellow at Edmonds J. Safra Center at Harvard University and a Ph.D Candidate in Philosophy at University of Illinois at Chicago. She is also the Host of the UnMute Podcast, a podcast that talks about the social and political issues of our day from a philosphical perspective. 



Haenschen photo
Katherine Haenschen
CITP, Princeton University

Katherine Haenschen is a postdoctoral research associate at CITP. Her research explores the intersection of digital media and political participation and has a specific focus in how online interactions influence offline and online behaviors. She has developed new methods to conduct field experiments within online networks, and she is currently working on a project to compare self-reported survey answers with digital records of online activity. Haenschen is also appointed as a visiting scholar at the Annette Strauss Institute at the University of Texas at Austin. Her work has been published in the Journal of Communication and presented at leading conferences in communication and political science. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin and previously graduated from the University of Chicago and Columbia University.

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University Center for Human Values, Ferris Seminars in Journalism in the Humanities Council,
Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies,Center for Information Technology Policy,
Department of Philosophy, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Department of Politics,
and Office of the Vice President for Campus Life.