Jeffersonian Democracy: From Theory to Practice

A Public Conference

Fri, 05/18/2012 to Sat, 05/19/2012
211 Dickinson Hall
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Co-sponsored Event

Co-organized by Lo Faber (Princeton) and Jessica Lowe (Princeton),
and by Barbara Oberg (Princeton/Editor, the Papers of Thomas Jefferson)

This conference is open to the public - please e-mail for papers.

Thursday, May 17

Keynote Session
4:30pm, 211 Dickinson Hall
Peter Onuf (Virginia) and Annette Gordon-Reed (Harvard)
“Most Blessed of Patriarchs”

Friday, May 18

Panel 1, "Democratic Foundations"
Rob Forbes, (UConn/Gilder Lehrman) “Secular Damnation:  Thomas Jefferson and the Imperative of Race”
Matthew Hale (Goucher), “‘I am a Democrat:’  The French Revolution and the Emergence of Jeffersonian Democracy”
Chair/Commentator:  Lo Faber (Princeton)

10:30-10:45 break 

Panel 2, "Popular Mobilizations"
Gerry Leonard (Boston Univ. Law School), “Jefferson's Constitutions: Law and Democratic Mobilization”
Marion Nelson (Independent Scholar), “Episodes of Jeffersonian Opposition, 1798-99: Political Men Restored to the Scene (Rethinking “Grass Roots Origins”)”
Andrew Robertson (CUNY), “How Revolutionary was the Election of Thomas Jefferson?”
James McClure (Princeton/Papers of Thomas Jefferson)

Panel 3, "Legal Implementations"
Christopher Curtis (Clafin), “Thomas Jefferson the Republican Revisions, and the Modernization of the Common Law”
Matthew Crow (Hobart and William Smith Colleges), “Equity and Usage:  Reading Law in Jeffersonian Democracy”
Mark Schmeller, (Northeastern Illinois) “Filling the Box:  Jury Selection and the Politics of Jeffersonian Judicial Reform”
Chair/Commentator:  Hendrik Hartog (Princeton)

3:45-4:00 break

Panel 4, "Republican Administration"
Andrew Fagal (SUNY Binghamton), “Thomas Jefferson, Tench Coxe, and the Republican Political Economy of War”
Brian Murphy (CUNY), "The Chase Impeachment and Republican Vigilance against the Federalist Corps of 'Sappers and Miners'"
Dael Norwood (MCEAS/Princeton), “The Strange Influence of Asian Commerce on Jeffersonian Governance”

Saturday, May 19

Panel 5, "Democratic Geographies"
Craig Hammond (Penn State), “Slavery, States, and Empires”
Padriag Riley, (Dalhousie), "Slaveholder Power and the Democratic Imagination: Jeffersonian
Political Culture in the North"
Chair/Commentator:  Alec Dun (Princeton)

10:30-10:45 break

Panel 6, "Popular Legacies"
Reeve Huston (Duke) "The Afterlife of Jeffersonian Democracy: Rethinking the Development of Popular Partisan Politics, 1793-1840”
Chair/Commentator/Closing Remarks:  Sean Wilentz (Princeton)

This event is co-sponsored by the Princeton Colonial Americas Workshop, the Papers of Thomas Jefferson, the History Department, the Program in Law and Public Affairs, the Program in American Studies, and the University Center for Human Values.