John C. Dehn, United States Military Academy

Thu, 12/04/2008
6-8 PM, by invitation only
Graduate Students

The Program in Law and Public Affairs [LAPA] invites MPP/MPA (and Woodrow Wilson graduate) students to the next dinner in this year’s series, Law in the Public Interest: Not Just for Lawyers. This event is open to lawyers and non-lawyers interested in examining the role of law in public policy development and implementation. Each dinner offers the opportunity to engage a noted expert in an off-the record conversation about a current issue challenging policy makers.

This will be a single table off-the-record discussion. Our guest will give a 15-minute introduction/overview of the topic based upon his experience and expertise. The remainder of the dinner will be open to questions and discussion. If you are confirmed and do not let us know at least 24 hours before the event if your availability changes, you will not be eligible to attend any further dinners during the semester. RSVP via email to Judi Rivkin at - or phone 609-258-8377 if you have questions.

John C. Dehn spend eight years as a Judge Advocate of the United States Army before accepting a teaching position at West Point. As a Judge Advocate, he was Prosecution Team Chief for allegations of detainee abuse by U.S. soldiers resulting in the deaths of two Afghani detainees. At West Point Professor Dehn teaches the course on Constitutional and Military Law and serves as Deputy Course Director for over 1000 students. His publications and presentations have included examinations of law and policies concerning hostage rescue, humanitarian intervention, private military contracting, and the roles of president and congress in the war on terror. John Dehn is a graduate of the United States Military Academy, University of Oklahoma College of Law, The Judge Advocate General’s School. He recently received an LLM from Columbia Law School.