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Kim Lane Scheppele analyzes the present situation in Hungary

Kim Lane Scheppele is an expert on Hungarian constitutional law. Since spring 2010, the newly elected Hungarian government has been dismantling the system of constitutional checks and balances to create a state that centralizes political control in the hands of one political party.   Scheppele has been monitoring developments in Hungary and writing about these changes.   On this page, you will find links to her blog posts on the Krugman blog, blog posts elsewhere, interviews with her, articles by her and English-language documents from the Hungarian constitutional process.   

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Interviews with and articles by Scheppele:
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Part I:  On constitutionalism and the rule of law in Hungary, 11/12/14:

Part II:  On US and EU Sanctions and on the 2014 Parliamentary Election in Hungary, 11/27/14:

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Documents in English on the Hungarian Constitutional Revolution
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Scheppele's blog posts on Hungary have been translated at (Kim Lane Scheppele írásai a Galamusban):