Kosovo and Future Balkan Stability with James M. Pettifer

The Princeton Kosovo Workshop

Mon, 11/19/2007
12 PM, 012 Bendheim
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By Invitation Only

The Princeton Kosovo workshop is a new initiative that aims to bring together specialists, scholars, students and visitors to discuss the background and the implications of the status of Kosovo. As rounds of talks continue in Brussels and Vienna, it has become clear that Kosovo’s future status stands as a hotly contested issue between the US and Russia. The proposed series of discussions might focus on the Ahtisaari proposal, claims of self-determination, discussions of precedents or comparable “models,” implications for the Balkans and Europe, and the roles of various actors involved in the decision-making process.

James M. Pettifer is Professor in the Conflict Studies Research Centre of the Defence Academy, UK, and currently a Visiting Research Fellow in the Princeton Program in Hellenic Studies. He works on the nineteenth and twentieth century Balkans, as well as Greece and Turkey. He is author of numerous books on the region, including Greece-Land and People since World War II (1993), The Turkish Labyrinth (1996), The New Macedonian Question (1999), Blue Guide to Bulgaria (1998), Albania - from Anarchy to a Balkan Identity (1997, with Miranda Vickers), Kosova Express (2004) and The Albanian Question (2006, with Miranda Vickers). He wrote the northern Greek section of Blue Guide Greece (7th edition, 2005), and with his daughter Julia, co-authored a book on Butrint, (Tirana, 2007). He was a writer for The London Times during the post-communist and wartime period in the Balkans from 1989 to 2001.

This is the first in a series of events currently being planned. Please contact Elidor Mehilli, (emehilli@princeton.edu) with queries and suggestions about the initiative.