Landscapes of Law

Trade, Security, and Transnational Ethnography

Fri, 04/08/2016
219 Aaron Burr Hall
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Co-sponsored Event


9 – 9:15  Introduction:  Ethnographic openings (Carol Greenhouse)

9:15-11   Panel I:  Legalizing trade (moderator/discussant: Christina Davis)
Rachel Brewster Intersecting legal spaces:  International trade and Anti-bribery law
Christina Davis  WTO Adjudication as a Tool for Conflict Management
Greg Shaffer  International Trade Law in China:  From Paternalism to Partnership

11:15-1  Panel 2: Securing states (moderator/discussant: Kim Scheppele)
David Leheny  Accounting for the Souls of the Ehime Maru
Tonya Putnam The Law and Politics of Treaty Drift: An Examination of Responsibility to Protect
Kim Scheppele The Travels of “Foreign Terrorist Fighters”                               

1:45 – 3:30  Panel 3: Situating responsibilities
(moderator/discussant: Sandra Brunnegger)
Alwyn Lim  Business Mobilization for Corporate Social Responsibility:  The Role of Business Coalitions and Their Consequences for Business Participation
Marie-Claire Foblets and Katayoun Alidadi  The European Union as an Incomplete ‘Transnational Space’
Mark Massoud  Islam and the Politics of Law in British Somaliland, 1884-1960

3:45-5:30 Panel 4:  Rescaling social relations through law
(moderator/discussant: John Comaroff)
Teresa Rodriguez The Emergence of Digital Communities: Generating Trust, Managing Conflicts and Regulating Globality
Mariana Valverde  Provincializing the Liberal subject: Landscapes of Rights, Landscapes of Philanthropy
Keren Yarhi-Milo The Logic of “Backstage” Signaling:  Domestic Politics, Regime Type, and Major Power-Protégé Relations (with Roseanne W. McManus)