LAPA 10th Anniversary

Thu, 10/21/2010 to Sat, 10/23/2010
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Special Event
By Invitation Only

LAPA has its 10th anniversary in 2010-2011.  We will celebrate with a major conference on 21-23 October that will showcase the scholarship that LAPA has encouraged and the community that LAPA has built in its first decade.  

Former Director and Princeton Provost Christopher Eisgruber will be the keynote speaker.   Nearly four dozen current and former fellows are lined up to participate in public panels on a variety of legal topics. 

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LAPA 10th Anniversary
October 2010


As of 10/18/2010 - subject to change   Click for printable schedule

Thursday, 21 October

4:30 PM, McCormick Hall 101
Keynote Address: 
Christopher Eisgruber, Provost, Princeton University
"Studying Law at Princeton"

Friday, 22 October 2010
Bowls 1 and 16, Robertson Hall


Bowl 1

Bowl 16

Concurrent sessions

Constitutional Values in the Shadow of Religion

Chair:    Peter Brooks, Princeton


Sally Gordon, Penn Law 

"Disestablishment and Confiscation of Church Property"

Mark Brandon, Vanderbilt Law

"Family Values and Uncommon Families in the Constitutional Order"

Marci Hamilton, Cardozo Law

"Licentiousness vs. Liberty"

Mary Anne Case, Chicago Law

"Feminist Fundamentalism"

Thinking through Intellectual Property

Chair:  Stan Katz, WWS, Princeton


Eli Salzberger, Haifa Law School

"The Philosophy and Political Economy of Intellectual Property Regulation"

Steven Wilf, UConn Law and LAPA

"The Copyright Act as a Derivative Work"

Christopher Beauchamp, Penn Law

"Cases, Controversies, and Parties in the Making of American Patent Law."  


Concurrent sessions

Shari'a and Secularism

Chair:   Nancy Maveety, Tulane U


Anita Allen, Penn Law

"Niqab in the Courtroom"

Said Arjomand, SUNY Stony Brook

"Islam: Basis of the Constitution or limitation on Government and Legislation?"

Tamir Moustafa, Simon Fraser U "Liberal Rights vs. the Shari'a in Malaysian Political Discourse"

Competing Regulatory Systems

Chair:  Paul Frymer, Princeton


Robert Ahdieh, Emory Law

"The Visible Hand: Coordination Functions of the Regulatory State"

John de Figueiredo, Duke Law

"The Dynamics of Deregulation"

Carol Heimer, Northwestern and ABF "The Two Faces of Law:  Regulating Treatment and Research in HIV Clinics"

Myriam Gilles, Cardozo Law

"Fund Administration as Precedent:  Some Thoughts on the Gulf Coast Claims Facility"   

Noga Morag-Levine, Michigan State Law

"Civil Law, Common Law, and Precautionary Regulation:  A Legal Historical Perspective"

Concurrent sessions


Chair:  Devah Pager, Princeton



Julie Chi-hye Suk, Cardozo Law

"Antidiscrimination Law and the Gender Pension Gap in Europe"

Jeannine Bell, Indiana Law

"'As Long As They Don't Move Next-Door': Race, Class and Ethnic Discrimination in American Neighborhoods"

Tanya Hernandez, Fordham Law and LAPA

"Latinos and Blacks in the Workplace and Judicial Misperceptions of Inter-Ethnic Employment Discrimination" 

Vanessa Barker,  Stockholm U

"Immigration and Social Exclusion: The Case of the Roma Expulsions in Europe"

Paul Frymer, Princeton

"Can Race be a 'Bona Fide' Qualification for Work?"

National Law in a Global Context

Chair:  George Bustin, Princeton



Martin Flaherty, Fordham Law

"Global Separation of Powers, or, Restoring the Judiciary to Foreign Relations"

Teemu Ruskola, Emory Law

"China's Reception of International Law"

Ralf Michaels, Duke Law,

"US Courts as World Courts"

Diane Orentlicher, American U Washington College of Law;Office of War Crimes Issues, U.S. Dept. of State

"The Impact of International Criminal Tribunals on Domestic Legal Systems"

Mary Dudziak, USC Law,

"Law, War, and the History of Time."

4:00-5:30 pm
Concurrent sessions

Legal Recognition and Legal Personhood

Chair:  Dirk Hartog, Princeton


Colin Dayan, Vanderbilt U

"Dog Law"

Linda Bosniak, Rutgers-Camden Law

"Constitutional Personhood"

Susan Longfield Karr, Mellon/LAPA Fellow

"Man Qua Man"

Carol Sanger, Columbia Law

"Stillbirth: Life and Death and the Problem for Law"

Susanna Blumenthal, Minnesota Law 

"Speculative Mania: Of Panics and Personhood in the Nineteenth-Century American Law of Contracts"

The Legal Constitution of Europe

Chair:  Andrew Moravcsik, Princeton


Peter Lindseth, UConn Law

"Europe as Administrative Governance"

Ingolf Pernice, Humboldt U. Law, "Perspectives of Constitutionalism in the EU after Lisbon and Karlsruhe"

Oliver Gerstenberg, Leeds Law "Constitutionalizing Socio-Economic Rights: Anything New in Europe?"

Aidan O'Neill, QC, Matrix Chambers, London and Edinburgh

"EU Law and Fundamental Rights"

Saturday, 23 October 2010
Bowls 1 and 16 Robertson Hall


Bowl 1

Bowl 16

9:15-10:45 am
Concurrent sessions

Terrorism and Human Rights

Chair:  Leslie Gerwin, Princeton


Tom Tyler, NYU

"Policing Against the Threat of Terrorism"

David Rudenstine, Cardozo Law

"The Irony of a Faustian Bargain: The Supreme Court's State Secrets Decisions and the Rule of Law"

Deborah Pearlstein, LAPA

"The Expert Executive and the Role of the Courts"

Fionnuala ni Aolain and Oren Gross, Minnesota Law,

"Exceptional Courts"

Jim Staihar, U Maryland Business School

"On the Optimal Enforcement of a Criminal Law"

Comparative Constitutionalism

Chair: Stanley Katz, Princeton


Christina Murray, Constitutional Drafting Commission of Kenya "Politicians and the Making of the 2010 Kenyan Constitution"  

Gordon Silverstein, Berkeley and LAPA

"The Cross-National DNA of Judicial Review"

Malcolm Feeley, Berkeley JSP "Constitutionalism and the Legal Complex"

Gabor Halmai, ELTE, Budapest

"The Role of Transitional Constitution-Making (and Constitutional Courts) in the Consolidation of Democracy"

Richard Briffault, Columbia Law "Citizens United and the Constitutionalization of Campaign Finance"

Concurrent sessions

Globalization and Its Challenges

Chair:  Chuck Beitz, Princeton


Jeff Dunoff, Temple Law

"Reconceptualizing the Architecture of the International Legal Order"

Paul Schiff Berman, Arizona State Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law

"Global Legal Pluralism"

Fred Aman, Indiana Law

"The Domestic Face of Globalization"

Jamie Mayerfeld, U of Washington,

"Extending Checks and Balances: Why Constitutional Government Requires International Human Rights Law"  

 Laura Dickinson, Arizona State Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law

"Outsourcing War and Peace"

Constitutional History and the Legal Structure of Empire

 Chair:  Bhavani Raman, Princeton


Christina Burnett, Columbia Law

"Empire and Law in the America."

Tom Poole, LSE Law

"The Prerogative Abroad: Law and Politics in the Colonial Context"

Janet McLean, U of Dundee Law and LAPA

"Crown, State and Public - Suppressed State Traditions in British Legal Thought"

 Wilfrid Prest, U of Adelaide

"Blackstone and Constitutions"