LAPA Late Breakfast (LEGS)

Meet Incoming Graduate Student Admits!

Mon, 03/31/2008
10 AM - Noon, Kerstetter Room of Marx Hall
Event Category: 
Graduate Students

It's the time of year when graduate students learn that they've been admitted to PhD/MPP/MPA programs for next year. And many come to visit the places where they have been admitted to check them out.

So -- on the day when the largest number of "incoming admits" is coming, LAPA will have a (late) breakfast to welcome them. You're invited to join me and them -- and tell the new recruits what life is really like with LAPA! At the breakfast, I'll explain a bit about LAPA, take testimonials from LEGSfolk, introduce people to each other and have a discussion about the various things that LAPA is planning for next year.

Please drop by to help yourself to breakfast, to meet the new students and see each other. I'd also love to get your input on what programming you'd like for next year. This is a good time to make suggestions as we start to think about who will join us in the fall.

The LAPA Late Breakfast is a casual event, and we expect people to drop in and out as time allows -- so please plan to join us, at least for a few minutes.