On Law School Reform

Elizabeth Mertz, LAPA Fellow; American Bar Foundation; University of Wisconsin Law School

Wed, 03/23/2011
By invitation only, RSVP requested
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Undergraduate Students

LAPA Undergraduate Associates are invited to a lunchtime discussion with Professor Elizabeth Mertz, titled "On Law School Reform."

Debates over reforming law school education have reignited in recent years, and the ABA is in the midst of considering a flurry of proposals. Professor Mertz will talk about her research on the linguistic structure of U.S. legal education, and the recent Carnegie Report drawing on that and other research in its calls for change.

This event is by invitation only  - please RSVP to George at gmaliha@princeton.edu if you are interested in attending.

Professor Mertz has requested that if people have a chance, they can review some of the following links for background:

[maybe just look at the first page or so to get an idea of Professor Mertz's work]

[on the link between Professor Mertz's work and the Carnegie Report]

[on the Carnegie Report]