LEGS Organizing Session

Open to all graduate students.

Wed, 09/09/2020 - 12:00pm
via Zoom
Event Category: 
Graduate Students

The LAW ENGAGED GRADUATE STUDENTS (LEGS) provides a forum for graduate students in any discipline to share their research, academic interests or curiosities, and engage in interdisciplinary discussions with graduate students from other cohorts. 

“Membership” is open to any student with an interest in law, broadly defined, and attendance is voluntary to the extent that those who want to present papers and receive feedback are expected to do the same for others.  Hence, LEGS generally operates with a core of regulars and others who attend when schedules and interests allow. 

Alas, LAPA used to provide lunch, but due to logistical considerations, it has moved to “bring your refreshments” for the time being.  Here are a few more particulars:

  • Presentations can include practice job talks and other upcoming presentations, or can simply be an outline from which the presenter solicits ideas for an article.
  • Papers distributed in advance may be an abstract, a drafty draft, an outline, a chapter of one’s dissertation, a paper about to be submitted for publication, or a course paper that one seeks to turn into an article...or no prior written piece.  NOTE:  Those “joining” LEGS are NOT obligated to give a presentation...just come and learn
  • One can choose the format: formal presentation with or without PowerPoint, informal talk (with or without interruptions for questions), or a brief introduction to a Q and A session.
  • The presenter is welcome to invite any attendees to participate in the session: professors or colleagues.  We will provide you with the invitation that you can send to others who may not want to join LEGS but would like to attend your session.  We can also send the invitation to a list you provide.
  • Scheduling:  LEGS has traditionally met from 12-1:20 p.m.on Wednesdays over lunch.  I am going to propose a regular meeting schedule for Wednesdays at noon-Eastern time.  However, if we need to include people from time zones who prefer a different time, we will try to accommodate such a request.  Moreover, we have generally found that the every other week schedule has required additional sessions as we get more requests.  Hence,  I will try to accommodate any reasonable request (including other days and times)
  • Other LEGS activities:  LAPA is open to sponsoring other activities by graduate students.  The virtual formal opens possibilities for larger dialogues as well as a colloquium.  A couple of years ago, LEGS students proposed and planned a very successful conference on the unintended consequences of criminal justice reform.  There have also been sessions with speakers (such as LAPA Fellows) who talk about research methodologies, their research, and the job market in their disciplines.

How to “join:”

  1. Email  lgerwin@princeton.edu to be added to the LEGS listserv (no commitment required)
  2. For more information: email me your questions or make an appointment for “office” hours through the WASE system
  3. Attend the organization meeting on WEDNESDAY, SEPT 9 at NOON (Eastern Daylight Time), to hear more about LEGS.  We will send the zoom invitation to all persons on the listserv.  In general, we only send the paper and invite to those who indicate that they are coming or who indicate that they wish to be considered regulars.   

 If you cannot make it and would like to participate or have any questions, ideas you wish to discuss, contact LAPA Associate Director Leslie Gerwin at Lgerwin@princeton.edu or make an appointment through WASE