The Lockerbie Bombing Case: A Miscarriage of Justice?

Tony Kelly, University of Strathclyde (Glasgow) and Solicitor for Adelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi (man convicted of the bombing)

Wed, 12/12/2007
12-1:30 PM, Bowl 16 Robertson (includes lunch)
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Public Speaker

Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, a Libyan national, was convicted in 1992 of putting a bomb on PanAm Flight 103, which exploded and brought the plane down over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing all on board. But now, new evidence has emerged, which was sufficient for the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission to rule that the case deserves to be reviewed again. Some of the new evidence was held by US authorities and not disclosed by the prosecution to the defence at the original trial. The new appeal may call into question the very basis of the prosecution case based on the claim of Libyan involvement in a terrorist plot.  Come hear the latest news in this case, which once appeared settled – but is now open again. For more background on the case, visit this Scottish Courts web page or this Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission document.

Tony Kelly is Professor and Director of the Centre for Human Rights, University of Strathclyde (Glasgow) and Solicitor for Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi (the man convicted of the bombing).