Lunch with Adam Michnik

Visiting Lecturer in the Department of History & Editor-in-Chief of Poland's largest daily Gazeta Wyborcza

Thu, 04/12/2007
12 - 1:30 PM, Kerstetter Room, Marx Hall
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Princeton University Community: Faculty, Fellows, Students, Staff

Adam Michnik was a co-founder of Committee for the Defense of Workers in 1976 and prominent "Solidarity" activist during the '80s. Detained many times between 1965 and 1980, he spent a total of six years in Polish prisons for activities opposing the communist regime. In 1989, he was a member of the Round Table Talks and then a member of the first non-communist parliament. Since 1989, he has been the editor-in-chief of the first independent Polish newspaper - "Gazeta Wyborcza," which is now the largest daily in Poland. Michnik is the recipient of numerous awards, distinctions and honorary degrees. He has authored several books. His articles appeared, among others, in Der Spiegel, Le Monde, Liberation, El Pais, Lettre International, New York Review of Books, and The Washington Post. His recent op-ed “Waiting for Freedom, Messing It Up,” appeared in The New York Times on March 25.

For more on Adam Michnik, you can pick up a copy of the article-length biography of him written by Carl Tighe, "Adam Michnik: A Life in Opposition," published in the Journal of European Studies in 1997. Copies will be available on the table outside the LAPA office on the 4th floor of Robertson Hall.