Neel Sukhatme, Ph.D. Candidate, Economics

Fri, 04/25/2014
12L:15 PM, 216 Aaron Burr Hall
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Job Talk
Princeton University Community: Faculty, Fellows, Students, Staff

Please join us Friday at 12:15pm in 216 Aaron Burr Hall (at the corner of Nassau and Washington) to give Neel feedback on two papers that will be incorporated into upcoming job talks! Lunch will be served.

The first article is empirical and tackles two central questions in patent law: (1) How much do applicants care about the term of their patents?, and (2) How does the importance of term vary across industries? To answer these questions, the paper takes advantage of a change in law-- the 1994 passage of the TRIPS agreement which altered how patent term was calculated. The second paper is law review-style, and applies Neel's empirical results in a policy setting. 

Princeton graduate students, faculty and fellows only, please - for copies of the papers, please email 

Please join us in giving Neel some much needed feedback on these papers!

Our regular, weekly LEGS seminars will kick back up in the fall.